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What Is Instagram? – Definition, Types, And More

With the emergence of Instagram, a great and famous application for taking and sharing photos, people communicate through images in a more dynamic and fun way. There is a quote by the great expert communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who says that “the medium is the message,”. That is what this app is achieving, speaking through the power of visual content.

Surely you have heard a lot about Instagram so far. Still, maybe you do not understand 100% how it works and what it does exactly, or perhaps you are already so involved in the subject that you want to know how this application can achieve that a company starts selling in the market.

We will break down all these topics in this guide, which will be very useful whether you want to learn what exactly Instagram is and how to increase instagram followers, starting from the basics to advance to describing how you can do marketing through this medium. how you can do marketing through this medium. Digital. Now it is time to enter this world of photos, filters, ” likes, ” and much more. Let’s start with the basics:

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Definition Instagram

It is a mobile application that allows you to take photos and share them. It is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android. Users can take a picture, apply a filter to it to give it a better aesthetic, and make it visible to a fan base.

Instagram started in November 2010, and today hundreds of millions of people use it every day. Now, why did the popularity of Instagram go up so fast? These data explain it excitingly:

  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and images are processed by humans 60 thousand times more quickly than text
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than to simple text

Photographs offer content that is easy to digest and to admire. They do not collide with the user’s attention as the text might. Despite its popularity, Instagram initially accommodated certain stereotypes.

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Instagram starts

When the app started, there was a wave of criticism towards people calling themselves photographers to apply filters to photos, modify them in their way and build a profile with an artistic essence. It has changed today because the reality is that this tool goes much further than that.

Looking a bit into its first three years, which were crucial to its growth, you can see that it was climbing rapidly and steadily. Let’s review the lifetime of this app that is revolutionizing the world:

2010: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger took it upon themselves to develop this fantastic app with a lot of effort and dedication. The results were so good that they would have already reached their first million users by the first year, and that only by making Instagram available in the Apple App Store.

2011: They already have a large enough user base to have so little time since launch. The growth multiplied, reaching 5 million users in June and 10 million in September. This second year, they added the possibility of using hashtags to position and group shared images. In August, they already had 150 million photos uploaded by users to the platform.

2012: the year where it became famous around the world. These started in February, introducing a new filter called “Lux” that is currently available today. It reached 80 million users in July. An amount earned by having released its version for Android, which had a million downloads on the first day. Seeing this impressive advancement by the app, Facebook showed interest in buying it and paid $ 1 billion to acquire Instagram. From then on, everything grew nonstop.

2013: Starting this year, Instagram could be accessed through computers, but still maintaining limited options to enjoy the whole experience once the application was downloaded. A condition that continues to this day. Shortly after having released their web version, they reached 100 million users. Then the option to tag friends and the ability to upload short 15-second videos was introduced. Also, sponsored posts didn’t get a good reception at first, but everything would change a few years later. They ended in December by introducing Instagram Direct, a private messaging system within the tool.

2014: By having sponsored posts, companies began to see more advertising on Instagram. Several tools has been devolope by agencies began to emerge that made it possible to measure the analytics, impact, and results of the posts made in the application, making it more user-friendly for those who wanted to use it as a means of marketing. The interface was quite different and advanced because it had more options for modifying and editing images, changing the contrast, brightness, tones, and colors.

2015: an excellent year for this app. Companies could already advertise through Instagram with 30-second videos, ranking above the 15-second

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