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Top 4 Tips to Market Your eCommerce Business in Canada

Not so long ago, Canada made news headlines by becoming among the fastest country to grow in the eCommerce market. But how has it changed now?

Whether you own an online business or a digital marketing agency, knowing the latest eCommerce Canada stats and trends will be important for your success.

Understanding these trends and stats will help you make the right decisions based on the proper marketing strategies you can use to promote your business. Some of the strategies you are likely to use may include the following:

1.     Use Social Media to Take the Word Out

Marketing through social media platforms is based on consistency. By this, we mean frequently posting sometimes that can fit your audience’s schedules, allowing you to engage and reach more buyers.

But this doesn’t mean you use all platforms available. Instead, concentrate on platforms that your buyers use regularly. You may track which social media platforms your buyers use using data-driven tools, such as Google Analytics.

Once you determine your clients’ favorite platforms, share links to your products and websites. However, avoid overloading your clients with direct ads. Too much promotion will make your account less helpful and valuable to your customers.

2.     Invest in Search Engine Optimization

eCommerce SEO simply means optimizing search engines, like Google, to online stores. This process’s key goal is to get your product page on top of search engines.

This, in turn, brings more free and non-paid or organic traffic to your eCommerce website. According to experts, one organic result is eight times more likely to get clicks compared to pages in spot #8. The best ways to use SEO to your advantage may include the following:

  • Building backlinks from authority websites
  • Creating a great UX and optimizing your site’s structure
  • Doing keyword research and adding them to blog posts, product descriptions, and page URLs

3.     Leverage Discount Sales

You can use a couple of ways to run discount prices in your online store. Most business brands prefer going with seasonal sales. However, there is also a scope of discounts in the form of buy-one-get-one-free and promotional discounts, such as 40% of the total price.

Whichever option you prefer, it will help create a sense of urgency. This involves using psychology by showing the scarcity of products and adding a countdown clock to show the limited time left in the sale.

4.     Consider Email Marketing

This is one way to increase your eCommerce store’s ROI. Collecting several email addresses from prospective clients and customers will open up a line of communication, enabling you to send helpful information about your business through newsletters. You can also use this line of communication to offer good deals and get more clients to your eCommerce store.

The Takeaway!

Unless you already have a team working in-house, using these strategies will take time and resources. It is evident that eCommerce marketing is complex. It requires the right applications so as to manage and curate data for every strategy. The main idea here is to reach customers on the right platforms and at the right time.

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