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What is Advertising? – Definition, Functions, and Types

Definition Advertising

Advertising deals with a series of strategies that allow offering and publicizing the benefits and advantages of consuming a specific company’s product, right, or service. It will be aimed at a particular audience, known as the target or target audience, to whom it should be addressed.

Its objectives are diverse, such as, for example, that society knows a product, promote it, make it have a place of preference among the public, publicize its new image and the importance of advertising is that it is an essential pillar for the economy of a country. Note that terms such as advertising and propaganda are similar; do not mean the same since the second refers to promoting a cause subjectively or partially.

It is also conceived as an advertising marketing strategy in which participation in companies’ expansion is necessary. The corresponding factor we use for the diversification of goods and services is referential. But what is sought is that the impact on society is acceptable, to give way to active consumerism. It relies on other disciplines such as design. It has a connection, but marketing and advertising have a special relationship since the former is in charge of investigating all the information that the latter needs to execute.

The etymology of the term comes from the Latin publicare, as well as from publicus, which means “to do something public”. Similarly, in French, the term publicité comes from Latin, used mainly in the legal environment, to later be adopted in ​​commerce.

There Are Three Fundamental Functions

1. Informative function

We know that its purpose is to publicize a product, and for this, it resorts not only to the image. But also to the text and the word.

2. Persuasive function

Not only does he need to make known, inform, but he also needs to persuade, convince, for which all kinds of arguments are valid.

3. Economic function

As a company, you need to make a profit, be profitable, create new needs, and create new consumers. Advertising is one of the significant engines of the economy because our society is enormous. A consumer-good organization and companies need to publicize these products, so they do not hesitate to spend tremendous investments in advertising. If they do, ultimately, the consumer ends up paying through the increase in the product’s value.


1. Brand Advertising

The first of the seven types of advertising focuses on strengthening and positioning a brand. And its long-term philosophy (not a specific product) in consumers’ minds. One of the most outstanding examples of this advertising is the Coca-Cola brand.

2. Retail Advertising

Send communication messages announcing products or offers in a specific geographical area to encourage traffic and improve stores and shops’ image.

3. Direct Response Advertising

It seeks to establish a direct conversation with a potential consumer to get a sale. The best-known examples of this type of advertising are telemarketing and e-mailing.

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