With people leaving their homes and finally being able to enjoy life outside again after the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, out-of-home advertising is an essential part of any business’ marketing campaign. One of the most popular forms of out-of-home advertising are billboards. Billboards can help your brand reach a wide variety of people for an affordable price point. When considering your out-of-home marketing campaign, you’ll want to factor in what kind of billboard you want to advertise on, where you want to advertise, as well as billboard cost.

What Are Billboards?

What Are Billboards_

Billboards are large outdoor advertising structures that businesses use to market their products and services to a large pool of consumers. Typically, billboards are placed in densely populated metropolitan areas or alongside heavily trafficked highways to ensure that they’re seen by the most people possible. A great billboard effectively communicates a brand’s message with a memorable visual design and/or text. There are different types of billboards that you can utilize to market your business to consumers:

Static Billboards

Static billboards are typically blown-up visual advertisements printed on either paper or vinyl and adhered to a billboard structure. they are the most common form of billboard available, so you can easily locate a billboard in the physical location that you’d like to advertise in. And typically don’t require much upkeep; unless subject to intensely inclement weather, most static billboards can withstand the test of staying up for a good amount of time.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have come into popular use in the 21st century and allow businesses to advertise via digital images displayed on an illuminated billboard screen. In terms of maintenance, digital billboards require far much more upkeep than static billboards: digital billboards utilize complex softwares and hardware in order to operate. In addition to this, they require a great amount of electricity to stay up and running.

Billboard Cost Factors

Billboard Cost Factors

When deciding what form of billboard advertising campaign you want to run, you’ll need to consider your budget. There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of a billboard campaign:

  • Type of Billboard: As mentioned above, there are two forms of billboards that you can choose from to market your business: static and digital. However, these billboards have a large gap in price between them. Due to their upkeep costs, digital billboards tend to be more expensive than static billboards. If you’re on a tighter budget, you might want to consider going with a static billboard campaign in order to promote your brand without breaking the bank.
  • Location: Billboard prices tend to fluctuate based on location. Billboard costs are higher in more densely populated areas than they are in rural areas. As such, if you plan to advertise on a billboard in a busy, metropolitan area. You should be prepare for higher costs. However, that cost is an investment in ensuring that a wide variety of people get to see your company’s billboard. In addition to this, the demographic of the location you’re advertising in will also influence cost. For instance, advertising in an area with high incomes and home costs will likely drive up the cost of your billboard.
  • Billboard Contract Length: A standard billboard contract lasts four weeks. However, you can decide if you want to pay more to extend your contract. When your initial promotional period is coming to a close.
  • Design and Installation: How your billboard is made also will impact billboard costs. For instance, larger billboards often require a designer who can help you create the design you want to display. In addition to this, you’ll also have to consider the cost of installation of a more intricate billboard.

Knowing your budget can help you to narrow down the types of locations, designs, and contract lengths. That you can afford in order to run an effective billboard advertising campaign.

Average Billboard Costs in the United States

The average cost for a standard four week static billboard campaign in the United States is $850. In comparison to this, the average cost for a standard four week digital billboard campaign in the United States is $2.1K. Obviously, the more popular the area, the more expensive the billboard real estate. It will be up to you to decide where you want to advertise. In order to find billboard costs that suit your budget.

In Conclusion

Billboards are an incredible way to reach consumers as a part of your out-of-home advertising plan. When placed alongside highways or in popular areas. Billboards can catch the eye of a great variety of people passing by, and help to boost your brand. In addition to location, you’ll want to consider your advertising budget. As billboard costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. What factors do you keep in mind when considering billboard costs for your business?

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