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Why is Mindfulness Being Used in Business?

Why is Mindfulness Being Used in Business?

Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist mediation techniques. Its purpose is to control one’s thoughts and focus the mind on the here and now, in the present moment. This gives the practitioner a greater awareness of the present moment.

Therapeutic applications of mindfulness have been used in clinical psychology and psychiatry at least since the 1970s, for helping people with mental health conditions. Mindfulness has also been used to help with conditions like depression, stress reduction, anxiety and even with things like drug addiction.

Like all meaningful human activity, entrepreneurship constitutes a means of self-actualization, and the raising of one’s consciousness, along with one’s inherent power and energy, one can only improve the direction of business success and fulfilment. The same goes for the realm of politics.

Mindfulness is a journey of self-discovery; it brings to the surface of the mind things that we most likely are not aware of. It teaches us about ourselves, including our deepest desires, and helps us recognise our daily thoughts and actions in a new light.

Interestingly, mindfulness techniques and training have, since about 2014, been used in the UK Houses of Parliament. The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group was sent up, “To review research evidence, current best practice, extent and success of implementation, and potential developments in the application of mindfulness within a range of policy areas…”

The entrepreneurial spark moment

People come to decide to start a business for different reasons. For some, it was a slow realisation that they wanted to do something and then eventually took the plunge. For others, it was a sudden bolt from the blue, a spark of inspiration. By being mindful of that spark moment, you can tap into it again for inspiration when the going gets tough or the vision starts to wane.

No matter what obstacle you come across as an entrepreneur, by being conscious of the original motivating force that first gave you great impetus to start with, you can find the drive to keep going.

How to manifest what you desire

When one’s energy and deep desires are truly aligned, it becomes much more likely that you will be able to manifest what you want. This can be achieved by summoning your energy levels to the level of the thing that you want.

Start by visualising in your mind’s eye what you want to achieve in your business, the level of success you wish to attain. Be aware of how this makes you feel. Does it make you feel joyful? If it does, you will notice how your energy levels have already been raised, and this energy level is now aligned with the vision you have set yourself to achieve. You can do this mindfulness exercise as often as you like, daily even if necessary.

Let personal ethics be your guide

Rather than being led by rules, let ethics be your personal guide. Whereas rules are externally imposed and detached from one’s inherent motivation, being guided by your personal ethics leads to a path of authenticity and being true to oneself. Belief is an extremely powerful thing, and what you believe in yields power and passion, and if your business model is aligned with your beliefs, it allows you to direct that power and passionate energy into all your thoughts and actions.

As a mindfulness exercise, be aware of your energy levels when you merely follow the rules. You will probably notice low energy levels, a body posture that reflects this with thongs like slumping shoulders or tired eyes. However, mindfulness of one’s own ethics and beliefs about life will invigorate and motivate you, and when this positive energy is directed towards your daily work, your sense of fulfilment will be very high.

Set an example for others

This is a big one. It has amazing potential to summon up one’s limitless inherent potential and capability in entrepreneurship. This mindfulness technique can be applied to anything you want to achieve and is something that is practiced here at FJP Investment.

Think and act as if you have already achieved the goal or level of success you seek. If you are an amateur athlete, for example, think and act like you are already a professional – take on the mindset and confidence of already being a champion. Another way of putting this is to go to the point of victory before victory has already been achieved. Strive to embody the person you want to become.

This will elevate your own energy and it will also naturally inspire those around you. You may have met entrepreneurs who have a magnetic personality and infectious energy that inspires others, but they may not feel that way on the inside. They will likely act as if they do, though.

Contrary to conventional Western thinking, this phenomenon is reflected in the eastern philosophical thinking of “right thought follows right action.”

Here’s an example that you may have had yourself. You didn’t’ “feel” like going to the gym or dance class one night, but you dragged yourself there reluctantly and, to your surprise, ended up being glad that you went and had a great time and felt energized. The right thought wasn’t there but you took the right action knowing it was what you had to do to achieve your goals or level of competence. You took the right action and then the right thought followed; consequently, you were glad you went and felt great about it.

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