Email marketing has come leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, rising to the top as one of the best ways to generate leads in 2021 rapidly. An email marketing agency can use many techniques like personalization, segmentation, optimizing send times, and leveraging social media to market your product, service, or organization to thousands of people within hours!

Is Email Marketing That Popular?

The #1 activity on the Internet. The #1 activity on mobile devices. Any Google search will show thousands of statistics that emphasize the effectiveness of using email for marketing your business, but a couple of simple facts that propel this avenue of digital marketing:

1. Free And Easy Communication:

Social Media advertising is a relatively frequently seen technique today, but it also comes with a caveat: it’s expensive and can quickly rack up a considerable cost. On the other hand, email is a free method of communication for both companies and consumers, which means email marketing requires a significantly lower investment from companies.

2. It’s The Right Place:

Believe it or not, most people like getting promotional updates (when done right). According to a survey, over 72% of consumers prefer email as their platform to communicate with their preferred product companies. More than 60% of participants also say that they like getting weekly promotional updates. Email is where customers expect to interact with companies, making it the latest digital marketing battlefield.

3. Newsletters Are Optimal for Customer Retention:

If you’re reading about email marketing, you’ve got to have heard about newsletters. Newsletters, in simple words, are a weekly or monthly set of updates, articles, offers, or even blogs in some cases that are sent to people who made an account on the website. The true benefit of newsletters is twofold: if done right, they’re a massive help for converting leads to paying customers. Secondly, to unlock the newsletters, people must sign up with their email, which is an excellent way of building up an email list consisting of an interested audience is easy to stay organized with all of the different features and colors based tasks. .

The actual process of email marketing, though, is hard when you get down to it. Your email is one out of a thousand, and not in a good way either. So, you’ll need some help to pull it off, which is where the next section comes in.

Tips and Tricks to Help Businesses in Email Marketing

Let’s face it: if you’re trying to market your business yourself, it’s not going to be easy. Your first result might be incredibly disappointing and not show much ROI at all. Just like in every other business scenario, though, it’s essential to learn from your mistakes and fine-tune your strategy using the best email marketing techniques for Enterprise document management system in 2021, like:

Don’t Use the Customer’s Name:

Including the recipient’s name in personalized email has been a keynote of personalization in email marketing for years now. Today, however, this can work against you. Research by several independent organizations has shown that fears of phishing and being infected with malware have made users wary of opening emails that include their name in the starting line. Instead, focus on offers and deals in their locality or on a topic of interest for the recipient.

Optimize Your Subject Lines:

Nobody likes reading long headings stuffed with useless information, which is why many marketing professionals are advising companies to keep their subject lines under ten characters instead. To create the best subject line, develop a hypothetical subject line, and test it in a diverse A/B test subject line. You’ll also need to modify your subject lines often to keep up with trends.

Choose the Best Send Times:

Many companies end up confused about the best time to send their emails. Let’s get something out of the way: there’s no one size fits all solution. It depends a lot on the country’s culture and even what your business offers. You can, however, choose the best timings based on data. For example, studies found that emails sent on workdays outperformed ones on weekdays by far.

Leverage social media:

We already talked about Social Media Advertising. While it’s true that Social Media Marketing is expensive, Facebook and Twitter are still excellent ways to drive traffic to your website. The process to leverage social media for your email marketing is quite simple too:

  • Create a landing page on the social media platform.
  • Share premium content for free on your social channels.
  • Create an incentive for subscribing with one’s email, like locked content.
  • You can also test ads on social media first to see how well they perform.

Add Visual Elements:

Many marketers forget that customers will respond to visual stimuli much, much better than they will to text most of the time. Videos and images are, by default, more engaging to our brains. Today, you can even use GIFs, pictures, and short videos in your emails to better capture readers’ attention.

Conclusion: An Afterthought to Email Marketing

It’s good to get absorbed in something, but in the end, you can’t forget that email marketing takes time to learn. Your first attempts might not garner that much attention, and that’s alright. You can always take some time out and learn more about the processes and techniques you’re using or hire a professional email marketing agency to do the job for you instead.