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What Is A Booking Engine? – Definition, Benefits, And More

Definition Booking Engine

We want to explain it to you: software can be implemented on your website and with which you can receive direct reservations. The operation is straightforward. Just press a button that opens a pop-up in which all your available rates and packages appear. The booking engine is also known as a hotel reservation module or online reservation system. The most important benefit of a Booking Engine is that it allows you to receive direct reservations. You do not have to pay any commission—still, working with an “old-fashioned” contact form on the website? Or should potential clients call and ask if there is still a room available? That is a thing of the historical! Thanks to our controlling booking engine, you can stay to carry out your tasks, while clients can reserve a room directly without help: no phone calls, no mail requests, just direct bookings with no commission costs.

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Why is it essential to use hotel reservation software? Since 2018, your website visitors (therefore potential customers) want to know immediately whether a room is available or not. Take a look at For example, if you are clear about this concept, you can immediately see which rooms are available on the desired dates. And, you presently have the option of reserving the desired room. Why would a visitor keep calling or emailing to ask if a hotel room is still available? Of course, you can offer your rooms on or, and you only have to pay between 15% and 20% commission for these reservations. Instead of the booking engine, There is no commission cost for all direct bookings received from your website. With the RoomRaccoon booking engine, you can present the same offer you distribute to OTAs on your website. Guests can then directly book a room on the dates they have selected.

How does our Booking Engine work?

You can see the Booking Engine as an additional web page that shows the room accessibility of your hotel or bed & breakfast. Thanks to this page, you can get up to 27% more shortest bookings. This page is linked to the PMS and can be opened via a URL or a fascinating “call to action button” from your website. You can fully customize the Booking Engine page the way you want. Quickly and easily add the logo of your accommodation and adjust the colors as you wish. It is also essential to add as many photos as possible of the room in question, and these must also be of good quality. It is also likely to link the [Booking Engine] to the Google My Business sheet of your hotel or bed & breakfast. Also, from Facebook, there are several options to load the Booking Train sheet. Enough opportunities with our very easy-to-use Booking Engine.

Additional packages and add-ons

Within the PMS Hotel, it is possible to create special extras. These can be made visible (and bookable) in the [Booking Engine]. It is certainly also an excellent tactic to achieve additional sales. For example, an overnight stay can be combined with a three-course dinner or a delicious wine tasting package. Do you have problems with the different CONTAINER charges inside the box? No problem, with our  Hotel Software, you can change these charges for each add-on. Within Room Raccoon, you can also work with extras, such as a bottle of Prosecco, a parking space, breakfast in bed, or a cot’s reservation. And, of course, you can create all the extras you want. You’ll save a lot of time, as potential customers can book these extras directly. They don’t have to contact you by email or phone. Just think about how much time you can save by using these options now in the [Booking Engine].

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