Definition Electronic Invoice

We know that the world is increasingly digitized, so we are being forced to use technological tools to be updated with the world and what it demands of us.

Technology and electronic invoicing

In recent years the term electronic invoicing has been much more named, despite technological advances in all areas of society. Of course, the accounting issue could not be left behind.

But what is electronic invoicing? Well, simply in an invoice, if so, it has the same legal effects as a paper invoice, and unlike this, it is sent and received in an electronic format. In other words, an electronic invoice is a legally valid digital document and serves as a support for commercial operations between taxpayers, thus replacing traditional paper invoices.

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What documents can you issue through electronic invoicing?

It is essential to know that through electronic invoicing, we can issue not only invoices but also all accounting documents authorized by the SRI, such as withholdings, credit notes, receipts, referral guides, among others.

What is the importance of electronic invoicing?

Electronic invoicing has gained much importance not only because there is better control in taxpayer operations but also because it allows automation and optimization of administrative and accounting processes that significantly reduce errors and operational costs.

What are the benefits of using electronic invoicing?

An essential benefit that electronic invoicing provides is the efficiency in accounting management, among others that we mention below:

  • Cost reduction in billing expenses.
  • Security and speed in issuance.
  • Simplification of accounting and administrative processes.
  • Reduction of errors in document issuance.
  • Greater documentary control.

What is needed to invoice electronically?

The requirements to issue electronic documents are as follows.

  • A billing system that generates electronic receipts.  Your invoice is the ideal option for you.
  • SRI authorization to issue electronic vouchers.
  • The electronic signature, which you can obtain from the comfort of your home. Request it here.

Remember, technology forces us to change the way we do things, so we must adapt, and the only way to do it is by updating ourselves.