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Surprising Direct Mail Statistics You Need to Know

Surprising Direct Mail Statistics You Need to Know

In this digital age whereby everything is expected to be instant, many businesses have overlooked direct mail. This channel has been despised by many businesses in favor of quicker marketing channels. The major reason direct mail is despised and overlooked is the fact that its delivery time is slow hence it has been nicknamed “snail mail”.

Despite this belief, one direct mail statistic shows that about 62% of the customers who replied a direct mail ended up making a purchase. Another statistic showed that the response rate generated by this channel is 5 to 9 times higher than other advertising channels.

With such statistics, it becomes hard to overlook this marketing channel as outdated. But if you are not convinced that you can increase your business sales using this strategy, check out some other unexpected statistics that you need to know below.

1. $38.5 Billion Was Spent on Direct Mail in the United States

According to a report, the highest amount ($38.5 billion) spent on any local marketing channel was spent on mail advertising. In other words, no other strategy received much investment as this channel.

2.  Advertisers Spent $167 per Individual on Snail Mail

When the above figure is broken down to represent how much was spent on each individual, the result was $167. Therefore, advertisers still recognize how important it is to reach individuals personally rather than the random and general marketing strategies employed these days.

3. Advertisers Earn $2,095 per Individual from Direct Mail Sales

While you might be wondering why the advertisers are willing to spend so much, the reason is not farfetched; they are getting greater returns. These advertisers get $2,095 of revenue per individual as a result of goods that were sold through this advertising medium. Compared to the amount spent, the percentage return is 1,300%; that is simply mind-blowing.

4. 54% of Customers Expressed Willingness to Receive Direct Mails from the Brands they are Interested In

One of the reasons why this advertising medium is very profitable is based on the premise of customer interest and loyalty. Visit to learn how to build customer loyalty.

If an individual is interested in your company/brand or has taken a liking to your brand, they are more receptive to receiving the sales pitch directly. Hence, Triadex Service reported that 54% of customers are okay with receiving this kind of advertising from the brands they are interested in.

70% of Customers Prefer Direct Mail to Online Interactions as they consider the Latter More Personal

5. 70% of Customers Prefer Direct Mail to Online Interactions as they consider the Latter More Personal

The personal feeling that folks get when they receive direct mail is a sentiment that 70% of customers share. This feeling cannot be said concerning online interactions. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make your marketing more personalized, then you should adopt this advertising medium.

6. 90% Open Rates Probability

Compared to email marketing, this medium has 90% open rates. To put it simpler, the probability of your direct mail being opened and read is far higher than what your email campaign will provide. This is why this channel will continue to be used by advertisers in the United States of America.

7. Recipients who scan or Read Received Packages are up to 42%

Open rates are good and all that, but they don’t mean anything if the package is not read or at the very least glanced through. Hence, more than open rates, it is important that the content is read.

According to Forbes, 42% of individuals who scanned or read received content is about 42%. This means that the possibility of your marketing pitch being actually read by the receiver is higher compared to email marketing.

8. 4.9% Response Rate

Email marketing campaigns are becoming an everyday occurrence for most consumers; hence, it is losing the novelty they once had. Read this article to learn some email marketing strategies to ensure the success of your campaign. On the other hand, direct email is becoming more alluring for consumers as a 4.9% response rate was recorded to be received from the lists of prospects.

This percentage rate is the highest ever recorded in recent times. Therefore, it is an indication that there is the possibility of a further increase in the future.

9. 5 to 9 Times Higher Response Rates Compared to Other Marketing Channels

We mentioned this statistic earlier on, but let’s explain it a bit further. The fact that 42% of individuals who receive content through this medium take time to scan or read the content is the reason why the response rate generated from this channel is 5 to 9 times higher compared to other marketing channels.

With this information, it would be wise to take advantage of this strategy especially if you have a good persuasive copywriter in your organization. The possibility of your company’s response rate reaching higher numbers is not impossible.


Direct mail is not dead and neither is it an outdated strategy as many would think; the statistics we’ve shared prove otherwise. We hope that you would take advantage of the information we’ve shared to grow your business returns.

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