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What Is Snapchat? – Definition, Features, And More in 2022

Definition Snapchat

Definition Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile application with which you can share your day-to-day moments with the people who follow you. The particularity of this app is that you can only communicate with your followers’ photos taken at the moment or videos that you also record at the moment up to a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

Like Instagram, you can apply filters to both videos and photos, and you can also add texts, emojis, seven or even paint on top of them.

Those photos and videos that you share accumulate and form a timeline called “my Story” for 24 hours from the moment you upload them, and then they are automatically deleted.

The native application for -iPhone or Android does not allow you to share with your follower’s videos or photos that you have already saved on your mobile. However, you can share them privately, and they are deleted the moment the person to whom you send them views them.

You can send private messages in text format to your contacts, which are also deleted when read, which has made the secrets shared there disappear in a “safe” way.

This expiration of the content is what has made Snapchat different, in addition to being a fun application that hooks quickly when you get the point.

To follow someone on Snapchat, you can search for them directly by their username or by scanning their Snap code with the app:

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Snapchat Features

Using Snapchat is simple, but getting familiar with how it works may cost you a bit more because it doesn’t look too much like what you’ve seen before. Snapchat has some characteristics and peculiarities that make it unique:

  • You can only upload videos with a maximum duration of 10 seconds
  • Update: yes, you can. I’ll explain it to you below, although on Snapchat, the grace is to upload live content
  • You can know who adds you as a friend, but you cannot know how many followers you have
  • You can’t link your Snapchat account to any other social network, making getting new followers difficult. Word of mouth and external promotion is the only way to grow your network of followers
  • Each user has a score that increases with Snapchat, but that has nothing to do with the number of followers you have. You start with 0 points
  • Also, as you use the application, you will earn Trophies that reward its use

Uses to hit Snapchat

Uses to hit Snapchat

Snapchat for your brand

With my+6  brand, just like I’m doing on Instagram, I try to show moments of my day-to-day with my most personal side.

For example, on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was capturing moments of the journey on video and sharing photos of the places I was visiting, pictures with the rest of the speakers, or the event’s backstage.

Without a doubt, Snapchat is the perfect application to share those moments that you do not consider so crucial as to upload them to any other social network, but that 0is also part of your life; that is the grace of this application. In addition, the content you upload is fresh and dynamic because what you are looking for is immediacy and freshness rather than the quality of the content.

It seems to be a great tool to humanize your brand, connect on another level with the people who follow you, and allow them to see a part of you that they could never otherwise.

Snapchat for business

Although many brands have not yet launched to work on this channel, some large firms such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Heineken have already been seen including this channel in their content marketing strategy.

One of the most common uses is to share the “Behind the scenes” or behind the scenes of advertising campaigns to connect with their audiences and humanize their brands.

Other common uses include contests, promoting new products, discount coupons, and creating highly targeted videos based on this infographic shared by Direct Marketing and produced by Market.

How to get followers on Snapchat

As I have mentioned, it -isn’t easy to get new followers on Snapchat because it does not allow you to share your snaps on other networks (which would make it much easier to grow your community). So if you want to get followers, you only have these two possibilities:

Use your contact list

Snapchat lets you know which contacts you have on your phone’s phone book have already created a Snapchat account. So you can only follow them and wait for them to follow you back. The more contacts you have in your calendar, the more chances of finding users to follow.

Use other channels

I have seen that what many people do is promote their Snapchat users on other social networks. Either by sharing their username to be added manually or by showing the image of the Snap code (a personal QR code for each user that, when scanned with the application, causes you to start following its owner automatically).

Some innovative ways to promote your user to get new followers are:

  • Sharing your Snap code (image with QR code) on Twitter
  • Sharing it on your profile or Facebook page
  • You can create a Facebook Ad segmented by age and show it to the fans of your page. The fact that they are already fans of your page makes it easier for them to follow you on another social network. Do not test it with a segment of users who still do not mind you because I do not think it works the same way
  • Of course, using your website or blog to promote your user
  • Promoting your profile on your list of subscribers, who are the ones who already know you and who probably also want to follow you on Snapchat.

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