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What Is An IP Address? – Definition, Functions, And More

Definition IP Address

Like any critical issue, the main thing is to start with the most straightforward and most necessary: ​​the concept of what is an IP address and what does it have to do with my business? Why is it important to know how an IP address works?

An IP address is, in simple words, a numerical identification with which you must connect to the Internet. It is how you identify where a computer is (PC, Tablet, IoT device, website, or mobile phone) and, to some extent, what this computer is.

The acronym IP stands for “Internet Protocol” in English, and in Spanish, it translates as Internet Protocol.

In short, it is a regulatory system that allows information to be sent and received over the Internet, whether it involves sending mail, video transmission, chat, or connection to a website.

An IP identifies a network or device on the Internet.

Being a numerical figure, it has the quality of being unique, so it could not be duplicated (or more) in any other team under any circumstances. It allows a group to be identified and located.

Now, it is crucial to differentiate the meaning of IP Addresses.

An IP address is the identification number of a computer/device/website. In contrast, IP refers to a system of rules (Internet Protocol) that these computers must follow to communicate with others.

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What are IP addresses at a technical level?

An IP is a binary figure of 32 digits orbits structured in 4 blocks of 8 binary numbers.

Using this unique identification number, a particular device will connect to the Internet without problems.

In general, electronic devices that connect to the Internet are called Hosts. Hosts can connect to the Internet, such as tablets, smartphones, IoT televisions, among others.

Thus, the IP numbers would be like the license plate numbers of the vehicles, telephone numbers, or the different DNI numbers of the people.

For example, with the DNI number, we can know who a person is (age, gender, full name) and where we can locate them if they have committed an illegal action or need help.

How does it work?

With the above example, we can get a pretty good idea of ​​what an IP address is. Considering this, it is possible to understand how this so-called “Internet Protocol” works fully.

As we mentioned before, an IP is like a telephone number, which allows identifying a particular device/equipment.

For example, when you call someone on the phone, your phone number identifies who you are and assures the person answering the phone that you are who you say you are.

IP addresses do the same thing when you are online.

Now, who is in charge of assigning the IP numbers to the teams?

When we connect to the Internet router in our home, this equipment is responsible for setting an exclusive IP that is unique and unrepeatable to each of the devices or equipment connected.

In this way,we can identify our information and, besides, the router will ensure that there are no two computers with the same address.

Now, let’s see below the types of IP and how an IP is used in some instances to understand this process much better.

What are the types of IP?

There are some types of IP addresses like:

Private IP addresses

A private IP address is the address of your device or computer connected to your home or business Internet network, that is, to your home or business network.

If you have a few devices connected to one ISP (Internet Service Provider), all of your devices will have a specific private IP address.

However, this IP cannot be accessed from devices outside of your home or business network.

In this case, the private IP addresses will not always be unique because the number of devices connected to your home or business Internet Wi-Fi has an limit.


How can I find out the IP address of my computer?

If you have a Windows computer, click on the Windows search engine (if you have Windows 10, you can locate it in the lower left, right next to the main operating system icon), and add “Command Prompt.”

In the results, the application with this name will appear. Click on this icon. A command window will appear shortly. Here enter the command ” ipconfig” with your keyboard and press ” Enter.”

The IP number of your computer will appear immediately.

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