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What Is Barcode? – Definition, Benefits, And More

Definition Barcode

A barcode is a code assigned to each product or object. Through vertical lines of various thicknesses and spaces, it allows the product to be identify by scanning with a scanner, offering information about the price and name. Attributes, making inventory easier.

These codes are found from bottles of different types of materials to boxes. Usually, the barcode is stamped on the same manufacturer’s products, but there are distribution companies that also take care of this task.

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  • Reduced margin of error
  • Data reading speed
  • Quality control optimization
  • Greater control of product income and expenses

The bar code has been use mainly as a control system by producers and distributors. It facilitates the control system and commercial activity for all the data loaded into the code.

Barcode features:

Facilitates the task of keeping inventory control

Collection of data on goods and products

Reduce sales times in front of the cash register

When printing the barcode, take into account that there are two methods:

Thermal transfer printing:

Which consists of transferring the ink from the thermal printer ribbon to standard paper. Although it is the most costly way since the printer uses a ribbon, it also causes minor wear on the machine.w direct printer but instead prints directly on the product, which causes wear and tear on it, although it is the least expensive method.

Each thermal label printer has its proprietary programming language, which can cause problems during the code printing process. Despite this, the software for barcode labels solves the problem since when creating these labels, you can adjust your data in the selected source so that the entire series comes from the same grouping.

Through three steps, where initially with a device it converts light energy into electrical energy, interpreting and converting it into data, then that information can be read through a decoder.

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