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What Is A Computer? – Definition, Types, And More in 2022

Definition Computer

Definition Computer

A Computer serves to make life easier for us. We occupy it every day, for almost anything we imagine, from writing a text for work to carrying out logical or mathematical procedures that we need to surf the Internet and create new technologies.

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 Computer types

There are currently many types of PC, and with technology, new ones are still being created, such as those that are integrated with clothing, such as smartwatches and others. We will name and make a brief review of the best known:

  • Super Computers
  • Mainframe or Central Computer
  • Servers
  • Desktop PC (Personal Computers)
  • Notebooks, Netbooks, and Ultrabooks
  • Tablets
  • SmartPhones (Smart Phones)
  • Computers in the palm of your hand. (Smartwatch, stylish glasses, etc.)
  • Mainframe or Central Computer

The second on the list and cost and size is the mainframe or mainframe, which is specialize for companies or governments that have a lot of information and use many applications simultaneously. It is significant, and many operating systems can be installed at the same time.



They are smaller computers that centralize a company’s information or software, an office, or any place where they need to have data to access from any pc instantly. The servers‘ purpose is to access the staff’s desktops or notebooks or smartphones to centralized data, documents, folders, and even software.

Desktop PC or Personal Computer

The Desktop Computer is what we all know and use or daily or have in our home. They are the classic medium-size pc that we can put a table on without problems. They serve us to access our personal information, jobs, surf the internet, play games, etc. And also they are intend for all types of people for home or business use.

Notebooks, Netbooks, and Ultrabooks.

They are transportable Personal Computers, that can be carry from one place to another just by closing the lid. To stay on, they only have an extra power cable and an internal battery—ideal for studying or for the office, allowing us to take work home. Know more about 9 inches in cm


With technology and the appearance of smartphones come Tablets, they generally have an Android system like phones, and there are also IOs and Microsoft systems. They allow the user to consult information with a screen slightly more extensive than that of the mobile phone, with the possibility of taking photos and connecting to Wi-Fi. Ideal for watching movies in bed, working, and even chatting.

As technology advances, we see how it gets smaller and smaller. A clear example of this is smartwatches that allow us to measure the pulse, distances, have GPS and even link with our smartphones.


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