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Banking Write for Us

Banking Write for Us

Banking Write for Us – A bank is a financial institution, a specialist in the trade of money, which ensures the receipt of public funds to use for financial or credit transactions, and this is to the requirements of article L.311-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code. On the other hand, marketing banking services and products are not the exclusive responsibility of these credit institutions. There are many other organizations, including intermediaries, which can ensure this banking distribution. The bank is also subject to the Financial Markets Authority and the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority.

The Main Banking Services

One of the primary functions of a bank is to manage a bank account. It provides customers with several categories of bank accounts adapted to their needs. Day-to-day management until the report is closed is thus provided by the establishment. The latter also handles cash transactions, including withdrawals and deposits of funds, check remittances, cash payments, or even the management of oppositions. Beyond that, a bank’s mission is to provide several savings products such as Livret A, People’s Savings Book, Home Savings Account, Savings Plan, life insurance, etc. One of its other most well-known activities relates to bank loans.

The Different Types of Banking

Several types of banks exist today, including depository, private, and merchant banks. Deposit banks are the most common and classic. They have a relatively limited field of action since they cannot invest much in industrial or commercial enterprises. Their primary mission is to manage companies’ and individuals’ current and savings accounts. Private banks are mainly specialized in wealth management. They generally collaborate with the family offices caring for wealthy investors’ wealth. Investment banks, for their part, only work on behalf of companies, the State, or institutional investors. They are in charge of business management and offer financing solutions. In addition, in recent years, there a dramatic increase in the number of online banks.

Expressions for Banking

Central bank: a bank in a country ensures the issue of legal tender and the control of the volume of money and credit. (The Banque de France is the central bank of France.)

Investment bank: before the banking reform of 1984, a bank whose main activity was, in addition to granting loans, taking and managing holdings in existing companies or in the process of formed. (This terminology, although regulatory obsolete, is still frequently used.)

Deposit bank: before the banking reform of 1984, the bank’s main activity was to carry out credit transactions and receive sight or term deposits. (This terminology, although regulatory obsolete, is still frequently used.)

Bank of issue: bank endowed with the privilege of issuing banknotes. (The term is practically synonymous with central banking.)

Mutual or cooperative bank: credit institution authorized to receive sight deposits or deposits with a term of fewer than two years and can only carry out banking operations licensed by specific legislative or regulatory texts. (The objective of such a bank is not to make profits but to provide banking services under the best possible conditions for mutualists or cooperatives.)

Bank of proofs: a set of tests common to the competitive entrance examination for several higher education establishments in the same sector.

Systemic bank: a bank whose failure could jeopardize the entire financial system and substantially impact the world economy due to its activities’ importance, variety, and volume.

High bank: an expression which designated, mainly in the 19th century, the most important private banking establishments in Paris.

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