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What Is Affiliate Marketing? – Definition, History, And More

Definition Affiliate Marketing

Win to win. This strategy is based on that basic premise, a straightforward way to summarize what affiliate marketing is in three words. The advertiser wins, and the website on which it is advertised wins. As simple as that. We expand this concept a bit so that you understand all its ins and outs. You will see that it is easy to

Minimalist definition: it is about promoting third-party products on your website. If there are sales, you earn a commission; if there aren’t, you don’t lose anything.

Convoluted definition but more complete: affiliate marketing in Spain helps web admins earn money by promoting a producton your website, blog, or online store. The main advantage of this technique is that it is unnecessary to invest before starting to earn commissions.Besides, this method is beneficial for both parties since the advertiser does not have to pay before increasing its sales. Consequently, this is a perfect win-to-win formula.

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Different forms of membership

  • In a blog post, you can spread the affiliate product to obtain recurring income through an article. Besides, this is a fantastic way to explain its virtues compared to other products.
  • Through a banner: many times, it is not necessary to promote the product directly through the page’s content. An attractive banner ad can be more than enough.
  • Through social networks: they are the ideal platforms to promote affiliate products since many potential clients can be reached.
  • Through email: email marketing is one of the best strategies for affiliate products. And it is that the subscribers constitute the target audience of the site, and the chances of success increase.

Affiliate Marketing History

Affiliate platforms were born in 1996, when Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon,proposed promoting their products to other websites similar to his. The formula was based on advertising their items at zero cost if there were no sales, and if any were achieved, a commission was paid. In this way, both parties benefited. Thanks to this starting gun, many companies dedicated exclusively to this type of program began to emerge.

Would you like to advertise your products on related websites or start charging to promote third parties on your page? Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how it works, you can carry out this type of action. But if you want to know more concepts to understand how to get the most out of them, do not stop subscribing to our newsletter!

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