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12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

What Is A Roofing Sheet?

12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price – Roofing sheets are erected for several purposes, including their aesthetic value. They protect roofs from sensitive weather extremes such as heavy downpours, severe winds, and snow, in addition to being rust resistant. When properly installed, they also assist in preventing leaks and extend the life of a roof. Roof sheeting comes in various styles, each with advantages and disadvantages, depending on your wants and also requirements.

Roofing sheets are used as exterior protection for walls and also roofs and are ideal for new constructions and renovations. Because they are small in weight, they are simple to install and require little upkeep. The following are some of the most frequent roofing sheets used in home construction.

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India Mart

12 Feet Pvc Blue Colour Coated Roofing Sheet, Thickness Of Sheet: 0.3-0.6 mm

India Mart 1

Price: Rs. 140/Running Feet

Colour: Blue

Material: Pvc

Thickness Of Sheet: 0.3-0.6 mm

Length: 12 Feet

Usage/Application: Residential & Commercial

Overall Width: 3 Feet

Color Coated Essar Metal Roofing Sheet, Dimensions: 4 X 12 Feet

India Mart 2

Price: Rs. 355/Square Meter

Material: Metal ( Mild Steel )

Surface Treatment: Color Coated

Brand: Essar

Colour: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, etc

Dimensions: 4 x 12 Feet


Gori Steel Iron Roofing Sheet Size 12 Feet Pack of 1 – 12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price


Material: Alloy Steel

Colour: Blue and Silver

Brand: Generic

Recommended: Home

Item Details:

  • Metal sheets are profiled steel roofing sheets with dimensions of 3.5 x 12 feet and a thickness of 40 millimetres.
  • Waterproof, cost-effective, and simple to install
  • Anti-Algee and long-lasting

Saro Steel – 12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

TATA Metal Roofing Sheets

12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

Price: Rs.460/Square Feet

The thickness of the Sheet: 0.35-0.60 mm

Brand: TATA

Material: Steel

Colour: Green

Surface Treatment: Coated

Usage/Application: Roofing, Wall Cladding

GI Corrugated Roofing Sheets

12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

Price: Rs. 310/Square Meter

Surface Treatment: Galvanised

Thickness: 0.80 mm

Colour: Red

Usage/Application: Commercial

Material: Iron

Length: 6 Feet

Sri Bharthi Roofing Industries Private Limited

TATA Galvanized Roofing Sheet

12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

Price: Rs. 400/Square Meter

Material: FRP

Colour: Blue

Thickness Of Sheet: 10 mm

Surface Treatment: Color Coated

Technique: Hot Rolled

Area Of Application: Residential & Commercial

Brand: Everest

Types of Roofing Sheet

1. PVC roofing sheet

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer created by polymerizing vinyl chloride monomer. PVC roofing sheets are more common than other types of sheets because they are weather-resistant, non-corrosive, lightweight, and waterproof.

2. FRP roofing sheet

Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) is a thermosetting resin and fibre composite material. Fibre serves as a reinforcing material, in this case, providing stiffness and retaining the moulded shape. Flat or corrugated roofing sheets are available in various colours and styles. The degree of opacity in these sheets is adjusted during manufacture, which aids in selecting the proper sheet to allow for the required sunlight in the roofed area. They are anti-corrosive and may be quickly repaired, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

3. Polycarbonate roofing sheet

Polycarbonate is a chemically structured amorphous thermoplastic containing carbonate groups that are both light and translucent. Because of their transparency, the sheets may be used in spaces that require plenty of sunshine, such as patios, greenhouses, warehouses, and carports. The primary disadvantage of this roofing sheet is its expensive cost, which limits its application.

4. Aluminum roofing sheet – 12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price – Aluminium sheets’ key advantage is their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The lightweight decreases the dead load on the structures, allowing for thinner supporting systems and lower total costs. Their anti-corrosive characteristics extend their longevity and also aid in preserving their gleaming sheen. They are easy to fix and need little upkeep.

5. AC roofing sheet

Asbestos cement (AC) sheet uses asbestos fibre as a reinforcing ingredient in the production process, combined with cement. Asbestos gives the sheet body firmness and rigidity, permitting it to keep its size without breaking. When the fibres are breathed over an extended time, they induce illnesses. Such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Plant fibres are gradually replacing asbestos material, which has been prohibited in some nations due to health concerns.

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FAQs – 12 Feet Roofing Sheet Price

What is the standard size of a roofing sheet?

The most popular widths are 26 and 36 inches. Other joint widths are 24 and 39 inches.

What roofing sheets are best?

The most prevalent forms of polycarbonate sheets are of foam polycarbonate and transparent polycarbonate roofing alternatives. Polycarbonate roof sheets with foam backing are lightweight and long-lasting. Because of their durability and strength, they are used in industrial structures like warehouses.

How do you calculate roof sheets?

Round up the result to the nearest whole number by dividing the total roof area by the adequate size of a single sheet. The number of sheets necessary is the outcome.

Is the JSW roofing sheet good?

JSW Steel is India’s first Galvalume licensee. Galvalume solutions outperform other coating processes in corrosion resistance, allowing your roof to survive longer even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Which Colour roofing sheet is best?

A light-coloured aluminium roofing sheet will reflect the most sunlight, keeping your establishment’s temperature cool during hot weather. Meanwhile, a dark-coloured Aluminium Roofing Sheet will absorb more heat, keeping your home warmer.

What is the cost of the Tata sheet?

Ninety-five per cent of TATA Metal Roofing Sheet products range in price from $20 to $350 per square foot.

Which sheet is best for House?

Sheets of Polycarbonate – They are simple to install, weather resistant, and highly long-lasting. Their upkeep is relatively inexpensive and also comes in various textures and styles. Polycarbonate sheets are excellent insulators and are available in transparent and foam-backed finishes.

Which roof lasts the longest?

  • Wood shakes and shingles have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.
  • Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 10 to 30 years.
  • Metal/steel: 50 years or more.
  • Slate: more than 50 years.
  • Tile and concrete: 50 years or more.
  • Foam: 25 years or more.
  • 25-30 years for built-up roofs.
  • Single-Ply: 30 years or more.

Is PVC roofing good?

PVC (or polyvinyl chloride, to give it its full name) is a rigid plastic that works well as a roofing material. The durable, sturdy plastic provides UV, fire, and also water resistance and will not fade in the sun. Single-ply roofs are frequently utilised on commercial buildings with level or slightly slanted roofs.

Which roof is best for the hot climate?

Metal, slate, clay, or rubber shingles are the most acceptable roof options for homes in hot regions.

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