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Why offering bonuses work great for your business? Sixslots Explains

Why offering bonuses work great for your business

The gambling world has become a very competitive place for both casinos and players alike. That’s why casinos often work with digital marketing agencies to boost their traffic. However, If a casino wants to retain the incoming visitors, it has to devise means of keeping its interests. The most effective method of doing so is through bonuses. Knowing that no user would turn down something free, online casinos offer various bonuses.

These bonuses might seem like too much of a price for casinos, but the truth is, casinos often need bonuses to keep running. In this article, we shall look at these casino bonuses and how it affects both your business and users.

Why do casinos offer bonuses?

  • To encourage users

Punters will be willing to play at the casino to have the opportunity to claim free offers. Therefore, a casino will continue to offer bonuses to keep you involved.

  • For deposits

When a player knows that free offers are waiting in the game, that player will want to deposit more to keep playing. The same thing applies to welcome bonuses that catch the interests of new users or visitors at a casino.

  • For Recommendation

A casino will go far when users give good recommendations about them. Therefore, bonuses are a great way to start.

How do bonuses affect the users?

Casino bonuses give a sense of accomplishment. When playing games, players seek for something that will give them a sense of achievement. Bonuses serve that purpose.

It allows users to try new things

When several games offer different bonuses, players will be curious to find out what each game offers. As a result, they try new games with other betting limits.

The impact of bonuses on online casinos

A casino stands to gain a lot from the bonuses they offer. As long as their games and bonuses are attractive, they can pull the attention of several punters that can access their gambling platform. This would result in higher deposits and better income.

Besides, casinos regulate the amount a user can withdraw to control finances.

What kind of bonuses do casinos offer?

  • Welcome bonuses

Most online casinos on the internet offer some reward to new members. The welcome bonus is an exciting way to get visitors excited about joining a casino.

Different casinos offer welcome bonuses in several formats. Some might provide you with 5-10% of your initial deposits, while others might offer as high as 20%. Either way, it is the first step to keeping a user’s attention.

  • No deposit bonuses

This bonus type is the favourite of players. With this, you do not have to risk your money while trying out the features of a casino.

Most times, casinos limit these bonuses to $150 in addition to other restrictions. For instance, you might only get these bonuses on table games. Furthermore, the casino will restrict how much you can cash out at once. Therefore, if you win a $50,000 jackpot with your bonus, you might be able to cash out only $500.

  • Deposit bonuses

The deposit bonus is similar to welcome bonuses as it gives you a multiple of your earnings after you have opened your account. These bonuses could be 50% of your initial deposit or as high as 200% of your deposit.


Casino bonuses are one of the most exciting things for users as Sixslots has shown. Therefore, casinos that offer higher bonuses stand the chance of attracting several punters than casinos that offer less.

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