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What is Search Engine Marketing? – Definition, Concept And More

Definition Search Engine Marketing

It is prevalent for people (including journalists and even professionals themselves) to confuse the terms “Search Engine Marketing” and ” Search Engine Optimization SEO.” Search engine optimization is a type of search engine marketing.


One of the most widely held opinions about search engine marketing (SEM) is that search engine advertising equals search marketing. If your online marketing company runs advertising campaigns on Google, the company should specialize in SEM.

Although this belief is common, it is very accurate. As we’ve said before, search engine advertising is only one component of the SEM process. Marketing campaigns involve branding

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Distribution
  • Trade shows, radio
  • Television
  • Direct mail, etc.

And advertising, too. So when hiring an SEM company, make sure they provide a variety of services, not just advertising.

The marketing search engine encompasses several different skills, including Search Engine Advertising

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Search Engine Advertising

Usually speaking, pay-per-click search engine programs (such as Google AdWords) are a form of search engine advertising.

SEA includes sponsorships, pay-per-placement (PFP), advertising, and perhaps contextual advertising.
The success of search engine advertising campaigns depends on five main factors:

  • Keyword selection
  • Offer price
  • Ad copy
  • The layout of the ad
  • Effective landing pages

But that’s not all there is to look for in advertising. All PPC programs have rules. You can’t just buy whatever keyword you want and write whatever ad you want. Search engine reps have to approve your ads and landing pages, which are the users of the “land” pages after they click your ad.

For this kind of search engine marketing, a trained person should know how to conduct keyword research, make recommendations, buy keywords, write and test ads, create landing pages and test measure results, and monitor.

In the web search industry, many search engine marketers often specialize only in search engine advertising.
If it sounds like a lot of effort, that can be. Some companies do very well without spending thousands of dollars on search engine advertising. Some businesses require more investigation and testing. If you find that your search engine advertising movement is taking a great deal of your time, hire a specialist. Search engine advertising professionals are often more efficient than marketers who have multiple job responsibilities.

And remember, in our industry, search engine marketers often specialize only in search engine advertising. It would help if you were aware of taking advice on search engine optimization (SEO) from a person or company who does not have a firm understanding of SEO’s art and science.

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