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It Rained On Your Moving Day! Here’s What To Do? – TMP

It Rained On Your Moving Day

It Rained On Your Moving Day

Rain is everyone’s favourite as it is considered a prosperous and positive thing. Though it is considered a blessing, you would prefer there is no rain on your moving day. The whole process will get disastrous if it rains on a moving day, it would rather be troublesome than a sign of good luck. Where a heavy rainstorm can ruin your move totally, even a drizzle can mess up the process to a great extent. Just imagine that you have already planned, packed, and hired the movers for the move, and Voila!! It starts raining. What will you do? You just cannot control the weather but you need not panic. However, you can use some professional help. Here are some tips from the best out of state moving companies that you can follow to have a smooth, waterproof, and mud-free rainy day move:


Sort out all your cleaning supplies and towels from your packed items as you may need them. Ask your movers to put floor protection once you have mopped that area. It is wise to keep your bucket and mop handy and put them last in the moving truck. Make sure you have towels so that you can dry off items that are damped due to drizzling. You can assign a few towels to someone from the moving team so he can dry off damped items when they get into the truck.

Back-Up the Truck Near to Your Main Door

Try to back the moving truck right up to your door or at least as near as possible. Having a covered porch can be a blessing in such a situation, but if you do not have a covered porch, try to cover the distance by placing a protecting sheet. Even if you could not place a protection sheet, keeping the truck close to your door will minimize the effect of rain on your items.


Covered Porches and Tarp Roofs

A covered porch can cover your outside walking path, try locating covered areas. Also, look for spaces where you can string fix tarps to cover maximum area. All you need to do is string a tarp from the top of the truck to various edges of the porch. Try to cover at least as many areas that you can use to move things easily but do not go overboard.

Wrap Goods Smartly

Cover furniture and other expensive items in a tarp to save them from any raindrops. Though tarps are the best to use as safety covers, you can also try exploring alternatives like large trash bags and/or grocery bags to place over packed boxes. Thick fabrics like blankets and towels can also save your items from a drizzle to a few feet at least.

Plastic Crates

Quickly gather some plastic crates from nearby supermarkets and grocery stores to transport smaller items to the truck. Consider using covered plastic crates to transfer the items into the truck and reuse it again. This process may take a little longer than normal but will protect your belongings from rain completely.

Dry-off Items in the Truck

Don’t place items immediately after loading them into the truck. Make sure you dry off every damped item with a towel before organizing it at its assigned place. Also, towel off the tarps or plastic sheets that you have already used to cover items and that have got wet in the process.



No matter how smartly you have covered your porch or door area, it still becomes messy if the floor is muddy. To save such a situation, it is wise to protect your floor properly. Consider putting down heavy-duty floor mats at the entrance and make sure everyone is wiping their foot before entering the house. Try using towels to prevent any puddles across the moving area.

Another good way to protect your floor is to use the bucket-brigade method. You will need a group of people to work in this manner. Make sure there is a group of people inside the house with clean shoes and they can take the things to the front door from there another group of people can take the goods into the truck. This is a tried and tested group activity that saves time and protects goods to a great extent.

Above-said are some of the steps that you can take if you come across a situation where there is a sudden change in weather on a moving day. It is highly recommended to plan for a rainy moving day even if the chance of rain is the bare minimum. Whether rain is a possibility or not, it is always a good idea to plan a waterproof move to protect your stuff. Consider using plastic sheets to cover your packing boxes to keep them from any damage or water. This will double secure your goods from rain. Also, try to park the truck as near your front door as possible.

Though moving on a rainy day seems overwhelming, a little planning can save your big day. Now that you have this moving guide, start for a safe and successful move as soon as the pandemic ends.

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