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When it comes to recruiting marketers, it’s imperative that you implement innovative practices, as marketers are always thinking and analysing. Regardless of the marketing role, the purpose is to generate some sort of result, meaning that the minds of marketers are always ticking to assess their impact. Marketing is all about expressing something in order to gain attention, meaning that marketers are very aware of how you have advertised the job at hand. Pulling the wool over a marketer’s eyes is virtually impossible, which is why all employers must be familiar with how to recruit marketers. Listed below are some of the top tips for recruiting marketers.

Establish Qualities That You’re Looking For

First things first, the marketing sector is a highly saturated market, meaning you must narrow down what it is you’re looking for. Some key traits that a marketer should express include a love of learning, curiosity, adaptability, critical thinking, exceptional communication skills, an ability to collaborate, a passion for innovation, and creativity.

Marketing perfectly treads the balance between creativity and analysis, which makes it an incredibly tricky profession to master. Similarly, marketing trends are always changing, meaning you don’t want someone who is reluctant to change. Every one of these traits should be considered when recruiting a marketing professional.

Be Where Marketers Are

Marketers, especially digital marketers, are competent in navigating online environments; therefore, it’s a good idea to extend your search beyond LinkedIn. There are various onlie marketing communities, including Dribbble, Behance, and Upwork. In addition to this, there are a multitude of social media groups in which you might find prospective marketing employees.

Marketing isn’t a particularly traditional profession, meaning that you can’t rely solely on traditional forms of recruitment. The modern marketer will be available on a variety of platforms, recruiters just need to know exactly where to find them.

Be Consistent

Marketing is all about consistency so that you don’t confuse your audience. Therefore, whether it be through your website or your social media channels, you need to maintain consistency. Without this consistency, you’ll lose the interest of prospective marketers, and they’ll search elsewhere for employment. Consistency refers to your tone of voice, the images you use, and many other factors. Ultimately, everything should run smoothly across a multitude of channels in order to maintain your business’s identity and professionalism alike.

Show Rather Than Tell

As previously mentioned, marketers are results driven people, meaning they’re more likely to be on board with your opportunity if you show them things to be excited about rather than tell them. Share employee reviews with them, the successes of the company, and anything else that reflects you as a business and an employer.

Personalise Messages

If you’re reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn, marketers will spot a copy and pasted message a mile off. Similarly, if they’re not actively jobhunting, they’ll likely brush off any business that approaches them. This is unless the company is able to successfully capture their attention. The best way to capture the attention of a marketer is to show them that you’ve done your research about them. This will make them feel flattered that you were invested in them in a professional capacity, and they may even accept your invitation for an interview.

Ask Them to Complete a Small Task

Due to their results-driven, show-don’t-tell nature, a marketer may excel if you provide them with an opportunity to show you what they can do. For instance, you might ask a copywriter to write a short blog or a social media employee to create a hypothetical post. This will also give you a better idea of what they can do.

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