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What is Bluetooth? – Definition, Uses, And More

We are surrounded by devices that make use of Bluetooth technology. But do we know what it is for? How to use it? What advantages does it have?

Today we live surrounded by devices that make use of Bluetooth technology. But do we know what it is for? or what can we do thanks to this technology? You will be surprised by the extraordinary diversity that exists; welcome to the blue revolution.

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Definition Bluetooth

It is a wireless communication protocol between devices, whose main premises are the simplicity of connection, wireless, and favoring the interaction between the devices. There have been several versions, the most current being 5.0.

Throughout the article, we will see many options that this technology offers us, increased thanks to the use of a device equipped with Android. Sheldon Cooper already said it: Everything is better with Bluetooth, everything.

The Relationship Between Android And Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology existed long before Android was even thought of. A detail that has not prevented a good relationship between them has grown over the years. And day by day, new options emerge that bring this relationship to fruition.

We live in a time of change in which even a simple light bulb can communicate with us, involving Bluetooth technology and the use of a device equipped with Android. The intelligent revolution has arrived, and we are the protagonists of it.

Different Uses

Our smartphone with Android and Bluetooth technology has been expanding the range of options for use. We have gone from transferring files between devices back in the first mobiles to enjoy our music or control our smart home.

How To Link Devices By Bluetooth?

There are mainly two ways to link one device to another via Bluetooth. The first is the simplest; since you don’t need any credentials, click on connect, and that’s it. The second option will ask us for a password, which we must enter into each device.

To carry out this connection, we have to go to Settings on our Android device. Then, depending on each version of Android, we will find the Bluetooth option within one of these menus:

  • Wireless connection and networks: Android 7 and earlier versions.
  • Connected devices: Android 8 onwards.

Once inside, we have to activate Bluetooth and wait for the one we want to link to appear in the devices’ list. We have to click on the device’s name and select the option to connect, a simple and effective way.

In the traditional pairing ways, Google has been working on the latest Android versions to connect trusted devices. For example, when detecting our headphones nearby, they will connect automatically.

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