Win New Customers with Animated Video

Win New Customers with Animated Video

There has never been more opportunity to put your firm’s products and services in front of potential buyers’ eyes. The digital era provides an almost unlimited opportunity to capitalize on all kinds of platforms to win new business.

But with all kinds of businesses doing the same, the trick has become how to make your content stand out so that people notice it and take action when they see it. Static content is good for further along the sales process, but at the very beginning it is essential to be eye-catching. For this, producing some short, animated videos is a great place to start.

This article helps you get started creating some animated video, and how to recruit an agency to represent your business in the best possible light.

Using video in your marketing strategy

Producing a variety of content is important. A good website, email marketing, eBooks and infographics are all important for different reasons. A good mix of content shows your company is an expert in its field as well as pulling people to your offerings again and again.

With social media platforms becoming more crowded with content, video is an almost essential ingredient to getting noticed. It can be used to quickly show potential buyers why your firm is essential to their business and encourage them to take a next positive step.

For this reason, producing some short, compelling animated video is a great way to solve this challenge. To avoid being scrolled over, those first few seconds of content need to catch peoples’ eye. Ideally, they should be optimize to suit each social media platform separately, and encourage people to click through at the end.

Producing effective video without breaking the bank

3D video can look great, but it also takes time to produce and comes at a cost. If your firm is making its first foray into the world of video, 2D animated video can be a great way to begin.

It is easier to create, does not require complex planning, and best of all it can still get your message across in a short space of time. It can highlight what your products offer, how they help your customers solve problems, and how they can find out more information.

For these reasons, it is advisable to focus on a small number of your products at first to be able to show clear benefits to potential clients. Once you have their interest, you can always tell them about your whole portfolio later.

How to get start

How to get start

Without the right skills or resources to produce animated video in-house, it can be tempting to use basic editorial software to produce ‘something’. This is a risky strategy, because this risks a homemade video being the first impression people see of your business.

Producing a video because you think you should is very different to producing a polished, professional end product that gets people to click and take action to find out more. Best of all, because you do not need to incur the costs of 3D video, you can do so without blowing your marketing budget wide open with only one activity. This is important, because you still need to factor in budget to promote your videos with paid social media adverts and Google Ads.

With this in mind, the best way to start your video journey is to recruit a trusted agency to partner with.

Recruiting your video agency

A good animation video production agency will help turn your products into video format and bring them to life. With the right skills, it is possible, even in a short space of time, to showcase the advantages of a product in a way that the target buyer will relate to.

Choosing your agency can be a lot of fun – with so much competition around, you are certainly in the driving seat as the customer!

As you look through the many thousands of search results, consider your priorities with your agency. Look for different styles and how you think some companies could represent your brand. Make a shortlist of a few agencies that catch your eye – after all, if their videos that promote their own services are eye-catching then this is a good sign!

Speak with a few of them to figure out whether you think you could form a good working relationship with them. This is vital to ensure both parties are on the same page with budget, expectations, and requirements.

Most of all, enjoy your new venture. You have made an important step, so enjoy the journey!