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What is SEO? – Definition, Functions, And More

Definition SEO

The acronym SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which in Spanish translates as search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, Itconsists of creating content and improving your website to make it as attractive as possible for both Google and your potential clients.

The goal is to appear first on the results page when a consumer is looking for something related to what you sell.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

SEO, then, is a child of SEM and consists of equipping your website with good texts so that your pages are positioned in the first places of the search engine.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing

SEM is everything we can do on Google to promote our products and services. It is divided between PPC (advertising) and SEO (organic positioning).

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As we explained in the introduction to this article, It is about making changes to your website and producing relevant texts to appear first on Google when people search for something related to your industry.

For example :

If you sell shirts, you will want your website to come out in the first place every time someone consults something that has to do with that garment.

Either ” fashion shirts,” “women’s shirts,” or “men’s shirts.”

The advantage of SEO is that you can precisely know the demand for content – what people are looking for – and then offer a tailor-made piece – an article that answers all users’ concerns.

Search engines’ function is to organize all the content on the planet to offer what is most relevant according to the query that a specific user has made.

SEO in digital marketing: How to develop an effective strategy?

Let’s start by reviewing a phrase from Cyrus Shepard, an ultra recognized consultant in the field:

“Contrary to traditional marketing, where you push/interrupt the user with a message , SEO allows you to deliver exactly the content that the user is looking for, exactly at the same time they are looking for it.”

Thanks to SEO, one can give people what they want the moment they are requesting it.

In addition to this, since Google gives you the information of what people want, you can offer a tailor-made solution.


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