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What is Security? – Definition, Methods, And More

Definition Security

People define safety or security as the absence of danger, damage, or risk.

It is also the feeling of confidence that one has in something or someone: “it is good to be confident; play safely; having a guard dog at home gives me security.”

The concept of “Security” comes from the Latin “securitas,” which, in turn from the adjective Securus. That is composing of se (without) and cura (care or concern), which means without fear, carefree, or without fear of worrying.

Many others derive from this concept, such as Citizen Security, Public Security, Private Security, Social Security, Workplace Security, Industrial Security, Environmental Security, Food Security, Legal Security, etc.

When the word “security” is used adjectively (‘security’), it means that a device or mechanism is designed to avoid risks or guarantee proper functioning. For example: ‘seat belt.’

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Security Methods

The insecurity that exists today makes people feel unprotected even at home. For this reason, they resort to private security services. Mexico is one of the countries with the most significant violence in the world. On many occasions, those affected are forced to hire security services.

Here we will mention some of the security methods that exist.

Security Guards

It is someone trained to carry out strict control over their functions and is prepared to deal with emergencies. Usually, they are security employees who carry out general surveillance tasks in banks, shopping malls, factories, parking lots, etc. This service can hire for 12 or 8 business hours. Professional companies offer security guard profiles according to their client’s own needs.

Cameras and Monitoring

The video surveillance service will allow you to observe what is happening in your home or office remotely through the internet in real-time or make recordings of what happens when you are not physically there. This service is the perfect complement to your monitoring service. In the field of security, we can do monitoring effectively through a monitor. The monitor transmits the images captured by a camera. Or through the work of a security guard. If this person discovers any strange movement (such as the entry of an unidentified individual into the building he is guarding or the presence of a suspicious object in a bank, for example), he will have to act to avoid a risky situation.

Drone Security

They indicate video surveillance through drones for the protection and perimeter security of large surfaces. It is a reliable, effective, and high-resolution video surveillance solution. Unlike fixed surveillance cameras that are only useful when the intrusion or incident occurs in front of its target, the drone can search, locate, and track targets. Also, it is flying over the target tens of meters high, making it impossible for it to sabotage with paint sprays.

Binomial K-9

Lastly, this binomial is the perfect union to offer better service of preventive and dissuasive custody of facilities and foot patrolling of perimeters with dogs and highly evaluated handlers certified by the SSP and private institutions.

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