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Top Proven Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Businesses suffer when owners fail to attract new clients to their business. You may have to declare bankruptcy soon if drawing new clients isn’t part of your skill. Getting new customers can be pretty tricky, but not impossible. So, what are the best strategies for attracting new people? Let’s look at the top 5 proven ways.

1. Update your company’s website

Businesses with an online presence will have to keep things up to date so clients can easily locate them. Consumers and business-to-business buyers alike use internet search to find startups. So, you need to revise your search engine marketing and SEO strategies.

It’s also a plus if your website is mobile-friendly. It’s best to consider your site’s design, do some touchup if necessary. A website with too many graphics will take longer to load, which can easily discourage visitors.

2. Provide new clients with discounts and special offers

What client doesn’t like a good discount and exciting offers? Online casinos have found the advantage of no deposit offers when it comes to attracting new players. Your business can also benefit from similar special proposals and freebies.

The common “buy two and get one free” has proven to be very effective in attracting new and existing customers to your business. You can also keep track of the products your customers buy or the services they prefer to help you tailor your offers better in the future.

3. Reconnect with old customers

A simple phone call or mail can make a huge difference. Get in touch with clients who haven’t used your services in a while. You can set electronic reminders to prompt you to send messages, call, text, or send emails. This can be programmed weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on what works for you. Some businesses use this method to discuss new deals or promotional offers.

4. Advertise your services

You can attract curiosity from customers by promoting your company’s expertise. Some business owners host talk shows, use social media, generate press releases, or connect with active online communities. This will build trust in your business among people.

5. Request for recommendations

When you’re confident your customer’s trust is earned, make the most of it by requesting recommendations. Many new customers that a business wins over are inspired mainly by referrals from older clients.

It would be unproductive to sit back and wait for them to bring their family, friends, and colleagues to your company. Magic doesn’t work that way! Instead, take charge and develop a strategy for proactively soliciting recommendations from your happy clients.

Incorporate actions that promote referrals within the sales process. Forward emails to clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service you rendered them, and then follow up with another email requesting referrals. You can spice it up by adding referral offers so clients can take you even more seriously.


As the article has stated, there are multiple tricks and strategies you can adapt to attract new customers to your business even if you don’t have tons of money to spend on marketing. These methods will boost your visibility more or less regardless of the size of the business.

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