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What Is Newsjacking? – Definition, Advantages, And More

Definition Newsjacking

Newsjacking  (literally “kidnapping news”) is a  technique of digital marketing which is to create content of the brand directly related to a current event to get the media will echo it and thus increase the notoriety of the brand.

The events that can be used for newsjacking are varied: sporting events, big concerts, the Oscars or Goya, a political appearance. You always have to avoid sensitive issues that can generate rejection in the audience.

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Some of the Main  Characteristics  of a Successful Newsjacking Action are:

  • Quickly. It is essential to find the right moment to launch the newsjacking action: right after the news is produced when the media is looking for additional information.
  • Creativity. We must find an ingenious way to link the event to our brand to impact and differentiate itself from other brands.
  • Quality. Newsjacking is a quick or even spontaneous action, but this is no excuse for neglecting the content.
  • Humor. Although it is not required, intelligent humor is one of the resources that work best to achieve audience acceptance and virality.
  • Moderation. This digital marketing technique can work against us if we do not use an appropriate tone to choose a too controversial story or abuse the method, causing fatigue in the audience.

If we look at the literal translation of the term newsjacking, we find a technique based on “kidnapping or hijacking news.” It’s actually about creating brand-relevant content from a directly related hottest event.

The “newsjacking” is in charge of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the news to highlight the brand’s name and get in touch with the actors and information flows of interest. Therefore, they must be very attentive to news that may interest the audience in responding to them in real-time with their content.

What events could be considered typical of “newsjacking”?

We mainly talk about possibilities with excellent media coverage such as:

  • musical shows,
  • concerts,
  • sporting events,
  • and significant specific social events or relevant news that arise at a given time.

Newsjacking, take Advantage of the News for your Brand

To carry out a good newsjacking strategy, it is necessary to have three main characteristics:

  • Creativity. The objective to generate impact and differentiate ourselves from what other brands can do. The event itself news and had a significant effect, so we must stand out and know how to link the news event with our brand, providing users with added value.
  • Speed. We must be aware of all the events around us that may interest our public. Once found, we must develop a real-time strategy, yes, questioning whether it is relevant to our brand. And if we know how to act quickly. Despite the agility, there is no room for improvisation.
  • Moderation. A “newsjacking” strategy can go from being an opportunity to a severe reputational crisis. Despite their media pull, the news is not subject to this practice and can cause rejection from users. Likewise. It is vital to take care of the tone of our communications and not “bombard” the public with continuous messages.

The Newsjacking Life Cycle

When is the best time to launch a Newsjacking campaign? It will be one of the questions you will ask yourself if you want to resort to this technique linked to journalism, marketing, and public relations. Generally, the process consists of 4 phases:

  1. The facts happen. The news produced, and the media echoes.
  2. The media look for complementary information to the fact to support the main story
  3. Interest in this topic grows in society, and the public demands more information about the news.
  4. After the “media boom,” the interest in favor of new news decreases.

Considering the above, the most appropriate time to launch the campaign is after the news itself has produced. You don’t have to waste time, but you don’t have to rush either. After evaluating whether this news convenient for the brand, the plan is defined and carried out. From there, you have to track keywords, hashtags. And the evolution of the news event to adapt to the possible turns that occur.

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