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Tips to Excel in Class 6 Olympiad in 2022

Tips to Excel in Class 6 Olympiad

Tips to Excel in Class 6 Olympiad

Olympiads are tests that are held at both the national and international levels. Olympiad Exams are crucial in determining your child’s skill and capacity to succeed in today’s competitive environment. This test will let your youngster thoroughly demonstrate their aptitudes and talents, allowing them to get recognition.

As a result, improving your child’s problem-solving and analytical skills should be a top goal. It is a competitive test at the secondary school level, and pupils must demonstrate analytical abilities during the examination. Generally, the focus is placed on courses such as Math, English, and Science, which can readily present obstacles to a student, regardless of his grade level.

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Tips to Excel in Class 6 Olympiad

Excel in Class 6 Olympiad

Every year, the SOF oversees the Olympiad examination on both a national and international level. As a result, consistent devotion is required to get the highest results in Olympiads. As a result, the goal of this exam is to find hidden talents among the mass of students and provide them with appropriate training for their prospects. Here are a few tips on how to excel class 6 Olympiad.

1. Go over the whole curriculum

To begin, look over the complete syllabus of class 6 because this is the most critical phase in Olympiad preparation. For this, the test conducting authority’s official website is quite educational and helps students prepare topic-by-subject by providing a summary of each subject.

2. Make a study schedule

For students who are preparing for Olympiads, creating a solid study schedule is essential. As a result, a detailed study schedule aids your child in allocating adequate time to each topic and subject. It assists your children in making more organised preparations.

3. Take note of the course’s specific perspectives

Olympiad examinations are entirely conceptual, thus students should concentrate on in-depth study to get a thorough knowledge of the material. Only by studying thoroughly will students get confidence and be able to easily pass Olympiads.

4. Making a list

Because Olympiad assessments are based on school-based content, extensive preparation through note-taking is required. It’s brief and valuable information for future changes, and it’ll help your youngsters learn more quickly.

5. Answer questions on test papers

Solving previous year’s question papers like IMO Class 6 2015 Question Paper is beneficial since it allows you to analyse the sorts of questions that are asked throughout the test. Additionally, students may learn how to pass Olympiad examinations by practising question papers. Then, for the greatest preparation, students might take practise tests.

6. Stay attentive at all times

We all know that accomplishing anything well necessitates attention and motivation. It also improves the precision of the preparation. As a result, students must be careful and concentrated during their preparation; this is the best method to prepare for Olympiads.

7. Improve your English vocabulary

Learning a new English word every day is also necessary, as it enhances a student’s vocabulary. As a result, a kid can answer a newspaper problem. They may, however, purchase puzzle books to help with math, which will also improve their logical abilities.

8. Be aware of the exam prototype

True, the Olympiad test questions for class 6 are nearly identical to those for the sixth grade. However, because these questions are fairly difficult, pupils must have a strong understanding of each topic. This is how you prepare for Olympiads in reality. There are a few books that might be quite useful for Olympiad preparation.

9. Sign up for an Olympic skill development programme

Skill development programmes for the Olympiad are vital because they build analytical, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Solving worksheets is part of a subject-based skill development programme for Science, English, and Math. It carefully and thoroughly structures a student’s developmental level.

10. Conduct a practise test online

Attempting practises exams increases the likelihood of kids passing Olympiad tests with flying colours. Giving practise tests can genuinely help you improve your score. It provides you with a larger perspective and knowledge of the things you learn, as well as a practical application. Mock tests practise exams that are very comparable to the original exam design to gain a good idea of what the actual paper will be like. They are accessible for all Olympiad examinations, regardless of class or subject. Giving online mock examinations allows students to gain real-world experience with Olympiad exams, allowing them to improve their speed and accuracy in answering questions.

11. Keep note of the different sorts of questions

While preparing for the Olympiad, it is necessary to keep track of the different sorts of questions. To begin, students must answer multiple-choice questions (MCQs) depending on their comprehension. However, pupils who study appropriately will have a propensity to understand more about each of the areas, allowing them to correctly answer the question. As a result, if the student saves their scorecard, they will be able to quickly determine their degree of accuracy.

12. Take note of the Olympic scoring system

It is the most crucial stage in a student’s Olympiad preparation; in fact, it is preferable if the student studies the Olympiad scoring system. However, the learner will learn that they must score as high as possible on a scale of 1 to 500.

Aside from the 12 suggestions listed above for excelling in Olympiad examinations, another crucial piece of advice is to participate in group discussions or studies. It is because it assists students in strengthening their thinking, speaking, and listening abilities, and as a result, their confidence is boosted.

However, keep in mind that there will be no room for worry or anxiety throughout the assessment since these two factors will not assist you. As a consequence, despite thinking about the results, you should constantly keep your thoughts fresh.


Following all of the above ideas will not only help you create a solid foundation in your concepts and improve your Olympiad test scores, but it will also help you improve your marks in school exams and boards. The more you practise, the more immersed and interested you get in learning new applications of principles you’ve learned during your preparation, eventually pushing you beyond your comfort zone and allowing you to master the topic. This also keeps students in constant review mode since regular practice ensures that they are never out of touch with any topics and are always up to date with their curriculum. Participating in an Olympiad and getting good scores is seen as a significant academic achievement that is acknowledged across the world.

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