Dialogue Is The Only Way To Reach The Truth

Dialogue Is The Only Way To Reach The Truth

Dialogue can be described as the action between two or more people that involves the exchange of ideas, expressions, words, and points of view.

Dialogue is an ability that only humans possess. Because although animals can communicate through sounds, physical expression, or senses, still they do not have an organized communication system with specific symbols and meanings. Dialogue is an inherent characteristic of a human being that makes him/her an important creature. To promote dialogue between people, many websites were born that help people to put forward their ideas, such as The Doe.

Dialogue is one of the most sophisticated and complex ways in which humans must communicate, and while it is not the only method, it is undoubtedly the most used and focused. In this way, the concept of dialogue is directly related to ​​human society because it cannot exist if the people who compose it cannot communicate with each other.

Today, the idea of ​​dialogue is widely used in the context of society as a whole, regarding tolerance and respect for differences among other members of society. Dialogue always includes the practice of listening to the other and knowing his or her opinions, way of thinking, and ideas.

Dialogue is very important at all times. However, there are social situations in which dialogue acquires a prominent strength and is useful in solving problems, such as conflicts (armed or unarmed) and battles between people or even states, where it is necessary to reach an agreement. In all these cases, it will be better to solve that problem using dialogue. There are many crises throughout ancient and modern history, which dialogue has managed to deal with, such as wars between countries, some economic crises, or even kidnappings of citizens or diplomats. Thus, the dialogue contributed to blocking any major crises that would have occurred if they had not been resolved by peaceful means. For example, in recent years, dialogue between Iran and some countries, led by the United States, managed to dispel the fears of those countries and lead to a point of convergence, which resulted in the signing of the so-called Iranian Nuclear Agreement in April of 2015.

Perhaps this is the best evidence on the importance of dialogue and communication with others so that all people can cooperate and eliminate all factors of division and mistrust.

For the success of the dialogue, the interlocutors must follow some steps, such as speaking softly and gently, using good words away from hurting feelings, and not interrupting the other while being calm and listening to their idea and with respect for the other opinion. Not being intolerant of a particular topic or idea. In addition to staying away from lying, cheating, and deception, presenting evidence with honesty and integrity, avoiding arrogance, adhering to humility, and respecting the other opinion during dialogue. It is also wonderful to admit a mistake in case the other party said something right.

The goal of the dialogue is to reach the truth, no matter how different opinions, ideas, and beliefs may be.

The interlocutors must have the ability to express and be fully aware of the topic of the dialogue, so that they move in an orderly manner from one idea to another in an intelligent way, presenting their ideas and commenting on the ideas of others.

Dialogue is a form of communication that contributes to the formation of a society in which coexistence can be better.

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