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Computer Write for Us

Computer Write for UsComputer Write for Us, If we see the most used device in the twentieth century, it is the processor. A laptop is expedient that takes input or raw data, processes it, and converts it into output or final results. The computer is a term referring to hardware, software, and firmware.

What is a Computer?

The computer is such an electronic device with the help of which you can easily do the most many calculations, and with the use of this, you can keep your data safe and secure your documents. The computer also helps you to create PDF files, and apart from this you can listen to music with the help of your folder and computer and an internet facility is also provided to you on it. The output shows you the result on the screen by processing the instructions given by the computer input, and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

Meaning Of Computer

The computer results from the Latin word computer and derive from the English word computer, which in Hindi means to calculate. The meaning of computing is to calculate. That’s why this word has uses, with the help of which you can do your calculations very fast through the computer. The purpose of the computer was to calculate that at a very high speed. Still, over time, more functions were added to it, with the help of which the computer made its place in today’s homes because it makes many things easier here, such as Whether you have to save any file or data or whether you have to take help of internet or all other business-related work.

A Computer for Full Form

Probably Many People Will Be Surprised To Know That There Is A Full Form Of a Computer. Still, The Truth Is That Computer Is Actually In A Short Form, Full Form. We Are Going To Tell Further In This Article, So Please Read This Article Carefully Till The End. Read On. So Let Us Know In This Article That What Is The Full Form Of Computer Actually –

C– Commonly

O– Operated

M– Machine

P– Particularly

U– Used in

T– Technical and

E– Educational

R– Research

Because the computer is seen as an electronic device mainly use in technical and educational research, it proves very effective. Apart from this, let us tell you that a computer is called a computer.

Characteristics Or Features of Computer

After knowing computers in Hindi, now let us know some features of computers; please read this article carefully till the end –


As we all know, the computer is design to perform at high speed, and the laptop is an expert in that it can perform any function at a very high speed very quickly because this is how the programming happen, and this result is obtain.


If the accuracy is compare, then the computer data and its performance is found to very accurate and accurate as compared to the manual method.


The computer is a reliable source, and its work dedicate because whatever error comes is seen more in a manual method than the result done by the computer.

Super Memory

The computer’s memory is immaculate, so even years-old files can extract and present to you within minutes.

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware This is the computer system that we can see and touch. We can understand this as an example, such as the computer’s monitor or screen, which we can see or feel or like the mouse we use for navigation. And if seen, technology updates happen. Since their early days, new changes have seen in computer hardware, such as their shape, size, etc.

Computer Software

computer software This is a computer system that we cannot see or touch, but we can see its function as a result and check the work it does. It software is determine by the computer’s operating system and its development; the better its operating system, the better the computer will function. The computer can understand commands and events through software, making it very easy to function.

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