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Top 7 Best Newsletters To Follow In 2024

Best Newsletters

Original, “smart,” or merely effective, here are our top 7 newsletters to follow in 2021!

“Has been,” the newsletter? For some, this format of communication smacks the web of the 1990s. And yet, it is still there, very present in our inboxes.

Far from being dethroned by social networks, it has been able to withstand the passage of time and adapt to a fast consumption format, but always more qualitative.

Do you still doubt it? Here are ten newsletters to which you should subscribe in 2021: whether for your pleasure or to inspire you in the creation of your newsletter, they are simply essential!

1 – Brief.Me: The Impact Of Words, The Relevance Of The Words

Brief Me is the latest paid media that gets people talking, informing (only) with words! An independent press, without advertising, the editorial staff offers you a good dose of information every day, verified, put into perspective, and hierarchized.

It’s crystal clear and also extremely efficient!

2 – Curaterz: The Collaborative Newsletter That Dares!

Curators, the newsletter that offers a melting pot of random cultural discoveries every other day, does not lack daring to satisfy its young audience.

Each month, she partners with the site Tag Parfait (the magazine of porn culture) for a press review without taboos. With its raw tone but in no way vulgar, this daring collaboration is depositing!

3 – The Moderator’s Blog: Everything About Digital And Social Networks

A compendium of information followed by all marketers in France, the Moderator’s Blog is a goldmine for keeping a curious eye on digital news: community management, web marketing, communication, webdesign, web development.

The daily production of articles is so colossal that the moderator offers two newsletters:

  • La Matinale, sent every day
  • The Weekly, sent every Friday

4 – Neoptimal: The Newsletter To Boost Your Profitability

Dedicated to digital prospecting, the Neoptimal newsletter is designed for all business leaders who need to boost their sales techniques, increase their growth and gain profitability.

On the menu: in-depth, detailed, sourced communications and above all filled with good practices to apply.

5 – Invision: The UX / UI Friendly Newsletter

Entirely in English, the InVision newsletter offers a medley of information on the latest design and UX news with relevant analysis on new products, apps, or features.

6 – Artists: For Each Work Of Art, An Anecdote

Artis is a good dose of art every day! This newsletter three times a week tells anecdotes of several famous and little-known works of art, all written by art history teachers. Something to shine during social dinners or to impress the gallery

7 – Gustave and Rosalie: the best plans for a romantic date!

Similarly, In Gustave and Rosalie’s newsletter, everything is done in pairs. We read it in two minutes, and that gives us two good ideas for the weekend.


Depending on your communication strategy and also your business’s nature, you now have several tips for testing to improve your newsletter and a lovely medley of appointments not to be missed every week in your mailboxes!

Do not forget to work on your newsletter’s design and the details (e.g., unsubscribe / copyright message). And finally, feedback is vital for you and your audience, so don’t hesitate to ask your audience. It will give you back.

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