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Four Features You Should Include On Any Review Page

Four Features You Should Include On Any Review Page

For many websites product reviews are part and parcel of what they do, whether it be having their say on the latest tech, luxury hotels or even coffee and cake. Reviews drive traffic and for many sites it’s a key source of income.

That’s if they get the review pages right for both the user and what Google is looking for to rank.

If your site focuses on reviews, or perhaps you’re thinking of adding review pages or starting a website yourself, then there are certain features every good review page should have. We take a look at the top four…

A Good Structure

First and foremost a solid, in-depth review page will have a structure that’s easy to follow and breaks down each feature so readers know which elements you’re talking about.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly, you can simply separate the sections by headings. This will do a job and many websites use this method.

Alternatively, you could create a design template that further breaks down segments in a much more focused and easy-on-the-eye way. Many website builders will already have pre-built templates for reviews which can be easily amended. Website templates like these from Duda are extremely popular and are perfect for pages like this.

Pros & Cons

Speaking of design elements, a well-designed pros and cons is a must. Many users scan read product reviews and looking for a pros and cons list is usually top of the agenda.

Pros and cons will usually include three to five of each and be well bulletted. Most commonly with ticks and crosses to represent what a product does well and where it fails.

The pros and cons should be constructive and they should be of use to the user. It’s the same way of creating a pros and cons list when considering a job or anything else. They need to be meaningful and have an impact on decision making.


Many people reading your review may not actually know what the product looks like, or indeed hotel room or whatever you happen to be reviewing.

Throughout the review you should include images that reflect what you’re discussing in that particular segment, while integrating image sliders and videos can also take your reviews to the next level, offering more detail than the competition and exactly the sort of thing Google is looking for.

Integrated Shop

Most reviews will monetise what they do by including affiliate links to the products. While this is great for you, it’s also excellent for customers who can go straight to the product and make the purchase if they like the look of your review.

A good way to do this is by offering a carousel featuring the product from different retailers so readers feel like they have a choice, as well as being able to find the best price. It will also aid you getting commission still if a product is sold out from one retailer.

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