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Custom Website Write for UsCustom Website Write for Us- In which online information is made available by any person, company, institution, government, or organization. There can be many multimedia files like Text, Hyperlinks, and Images. That is, we see many web pages on the Internet. But it is not all websites, but part of the website because many similar features can be included in a website. Like the page on which you are reading this article now. That, too, is a WebPage. That is a part of a website. The name of this website is Gyanveda. And many web pages come under this website. Usually, a website is specified by its name (Domain). As;,,, etc., and want to write interesting articles, we are here to publish your thoughts at

What is a Website?

A website is a group of numerous web pages. Webpages are written in HyperText Markup Language, stored or hosted on a computer connected to the Internet for 24 hours. So that the website can be accessed anytime with the help of the Internet; generally, such computers are known as Web Servers. A domain name is used to identify the website. Domain Name also serves as the address of the website.

How Does the Custom Website Work?

How does the website work? Before knowing, let us tell you again that the website is a collection of many webpages, which HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc, make. All the websites you see on the Internet. All of them are made of this language (coding). When the web page’s design or the entire website is written in these languages, its code must done online. So that anyone can see it. For this, this code is stored on the web server. That web server also has to link to a domain name.

Types of Custom Websites

Types of Custom Websites

There are many websites available on the Internet. Everyone’s work is different. Some websites provide services, and some websites provide information. Similarly, there are many types of websites. Mainly there are the following types of websites. Let us know about the main types of websites.

1. Business Websites

A website created for business purposes is called Business Website. Nowadays, every company and business is making its website. In which company name, Services, Products, About Us, Contact Us, Home Page, etc., information contain.

2. Search Websites

Websites that are user to find information available on the Internet. Such a website comes under search engine or search website. Perhaps you, too, have come to this article by searching the search engine. The search website’s task is to show the user the relevant and best results. Because these websites already have a database of these websites. Which serves to serve in Search Results. Google is the best Search Engine or Search Website.

3. eCommerce Websites

A website that enables the sale and purchase of goods, products, or services online. Such websites are called eCommerce Websites. Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular eCommerce Websites. With eCommerce Websites, you can buy and sell tangible goods, products, and services.

4. Event Websites

The website created practically to promote the event is called Event Website. This is an excellent medium to promote the event. Because it is a medium to advertise without cost or in an economical way. Which supports the event organized by you. Your event website advertises your upcoming events.

5. Forum Websites

A forum website or web forum is a section of a website. Where the community provides visitors to interact with each other. Chatting or posting on the forum website requires creating an account.

How to Update Your Articles?

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Requitements of the Article – Custom Website Write for Us

Requitements of the Article – Custom Website Write for Us

The following are the guidelines a writer should follow when contributing an article to this site:

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