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Beacon Technology Write For Us

Beacon Technology Write For UsBeacon technology is not a new concept. It has gone a long way since Apple released iBeacon technology in 2013. Bright Bluetooth beacons are now used in a variety of businesses around the world, and demand is at an all-time high.

But what is behind this surge in demand? What are the current market trends?

And what fresh prospects can apps provide for businesses? Continue reading to learn more.

What is Beacon Technology?

Bright beacons—also referred to as “Bluetooth beacons,” “BLE beacons,” or simply “beacons”—are tiny, wireless Bluetooth devices that broadcast a signal that other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, can “see.” Devices that emit beacons don’t send out random alerts. It sends a distinctive ID number that identifies the nearby beacon to the listening device. The smartphone app reads the beacon data when it is within range, checks the action assigned to the data, and then executes the action.

How does Beacon Technology Work? – Beacon Technology Write For Us

The most prevalent application for beacon technology is proximity marketing. It can be as basic as sending an app user a notification with a coupon for a product the user is close to or as complex as presenting in-app content with a description of a nearby event. It can also be complicated, such as determining a user’s location based on their proximity to a beacon.

When merchants put beacons in their stores, they all have unique IDs registered to their dedicated apps. The ID can instruct the app to carry out any action the store has allocated. Alternatively, it can be used to collect user data to determine how to optimise a particular location.

Many organisations construct location-targeting campaigns using beacon devices and geofencing software. More information can be found in this handy guide. Do you want to get started? PlotProjects is the premier geolocation platform in the market. Our technology enables mobile apps to provide consumers with location-based notifications and experiences. To learn further, please get in touch with us immediately.

Beacon Technology in Retail – Beacon Technology Write For Us

The phrase “beacon technology in retail” refers to using beacons for proximity marketing in the retail sector. When Bluetooth is enabled on a mobile device, and the retailer’s app is downloaded, beacons in retail can connect with customers.

Why is Beacon Technology Important for Military Recruitment? – Beacon Technology Write For Us

Regarding beacons, the outcomes far outweigh older advertising channels and alternative technology.

  1. Beacons do not require apps to send messages and notifications; instead, they require Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth is predicted to be available on 10 billion Android and iOS smartphones by the end of 2018. (Statista).
  2. For retail campaigns, click-through rates have reached 55%. Unfortunately, across all verticals, that is not the norm. However, the average click-through rate (CTR) for beacon campaigns is between 2 and 4 per cent, which is around 25 times higher than social network advertisements. With targeted campaigns and customised messaging, the CTR improves.
  3. The direct approach to finding out about military employment openings these days is through online searches. A RAND poll discovered that 87% of high school students learn about military careers online. So, using a smartphone to communicate with young people makes the most sense.

Innovation in Military Recruitment With Beacon Technology – Beacon Technology Write For Us

Meeting with a recruiting officer is the first step in the enlisting process. Motivate young men and women to join the army and direct them to the nearest recruiting station. You can use Beaconstac to create a quick button that assists citizens in navigating using Google Maps.

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