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Qalashi Scalerippers

Qalashi Scalerippers – The Qalashi Scalerippers are djaradin located in the Obsidian Citadel in Waking Shores.

Obsidian Citadel is located in the western part of the Waking Shore and is home to an ancient black flight. It is under siege by Qalashi djaradin led by Warlord Sargha. With the dragon’s return, Djaradin awoke from an ancient dream and besieged the Obsidian Citadel, but it was empty. Take it and the inner fortress of Neltharus.

Qalashi Scalerippers the attack was averte

The Citadel is besiege by Wrathion and his forces Blacktalon. Despite the Red Dragonflight’s advice against such an attack. Fortunately, the attack  averted with heavy casualties thanks to the unexpected arrival of the Sabellian and Obsidian Brood.

Who reinforced Wrathion’s attacks. The two armies seized the obsidian throne, the pinnacle of the citadel, and the literal throne of the flying leader. Here, Sabelian and Wrathion began to argue over who would be the new ruler of the Black Dragonflight, and consequently who would be the Aspect.


Demoralizing Howl: Demoralizes enemies within 0 yards, reducing movement speed by 30% and damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds.

Jagged Slashes: This creature’s auto attacks apply jagged slashes that deal 0 damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.

Aim Of

  • falsify answers
  • N [70REWQ] surge breaker


  • Accept defeat!
  • Dragons are afraid of us… and so are you.
  • Good fight!
  • I fought harder.
  • It is not over yet.
  • Others… will take revenge on me.
  • This is mine!
  • You’re not a dragon… what are you made of?
  • You can crush me, but the mountains can’t…
  • You are not a challenge!
  • You are not a dragon.
  • Your bones would make great necklaces.
  • Their world is ours now.

According to Djaradin folklore, his people were once the first land giants to roam the world and shape it with their fists. Including Dragon Island. Four ancient elders instituted an unknown ritual, a process unknown even to the Djaradin, as they dug deep into the earth. They wielded the power of fire and magma. They shared this blessing with other races to create the djaradin known today.

The Djaradin lived on Dragon Island even before the dragons came. While the black dragonflight altered the terrain of the Waking Shore at will, Djaradin especially enjoyed hunting black dragons. They became enemies of all dragons.

Wielding the power of magma and riding gigantic lava mammoths, they are ancient enemies of the red dragonflight, hunted for fun in the distant past. The djaradin fell asleep with the rest of the islands after the Great Cataclysm, but has now reawakened. The red flight, whose mission is to protect life, does not want to completely destroy Djaradin, but only to ensure that he has no power to destroy the island’s ecosystem.When Jaradin awoke, they chose Neltaros as the entry point for his attack. They were shocked to find Neltaros abandoned and quickly claime the secret and the rest of the Obsidian Citadel up.


Djaradin society is based on strength. The strongest serve as an example for others to fight harder.[6] However, not all Djaradin are interested in attacking adventurers and members of the Dragonscale Expedition. Some may just watch them wander around, thinking they are too weak to be honorable prey.

They have been known to bind fire elementals using enchanted rings.

Djaradin collects the seeds from the Inferno pods when they are blooming and uses them to heat the oven to melting temperature.


Warlord Sargha – leader of the Qalashi djaradin clan

Chargath, Bane of Scales: A veteran dragon slayer who earned the title from him with the Mark of Legends eons ago.

Forgemaster Gorek, one of Geradin’s finest craftsmen, currently resides on Neltarus, harnessing the great power of the forge to forge deadly weapons.


  • Djaradin has been described as “the perfect dragon slayer”.
  • Djaradin rock paintings can be found inside several caves at Waking Shores.

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