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https // gamecode – Online tests “For the Lesson”

Interactive tasks to control knowledge and involve students

in active work in the classroom and at home.

We make learning more interesting

All-Ukrainian online competitions, Olympiads, courses and a magazine for schoolchildren. The online school “Na Urok” was created so that every student, regardless of their place of residence, could receive quality knowledge in an interesting format.

Advanced training in the direction:

Transversal skills

The formation of key competencies of teachers and students is a cross-cutting line of modern education. The materials in this direction will help teachers of various educational disciplines to develop critical competencies.

Direct components:

  • development of key competencies
  • lifelong learning
  • teamwork
  • interpersonal interaction

We have been hearing about key competencies and cross-cutting skills for quite some time now. And if, at the beginning of the reform, it seemed to us something new and unknown, all Ukrainian teachers already have some experience working at the National University of Higher Education and Science and feel confident enough. Let’s talk about this topic during the webinar. What types or topics of projects in technology lessons form the cross-cutting skills of students? How do these skills contribute to personal and academic progress?


The importance of cross-cutting skills and critical competencies for male and female students’ personal and educational progress.

Formation of end-to-end skills in technology lessons.

Individual creative projects in technology lessons.

Group activity in technology lessons.

The contribution of socially significant activities to the formation of end-to-end skills.

Expected results:  Participants of the webinar will get acquainted with the practical experience of forming end-to-end skills during individual, group and socially significant activities of students in technology classes; learn to use various formats and work tools for the successful formation of cross-cutting skills and critical competencies of participants in the educational process.

Modern Ukrainian songs: ideas and experience of using them in language and literature lessons

Since ancient times, the life of Ukrainians at various stages has been accompanied by a song. Modernity is no exception. Why not use this when studying language topics and literary works in your classes? How do we diversify tasks for students, interest them in exercises and create a comfortable atmosphere in lessons? This will be the subject of discussion during the webinar.


The song is as old as the language (O. Potebnia).

Working with the texts of modern songs in Ukrainian language classes: types of tasks.

We illustrate the content of studied works of literature with excerpts from popular songs.

All practice/played together during the webinar.

Expected results:  The webinar participants will learn how to use the texts of modern songs to diversify didactic material for their lessons; they will receive practical advice on creating new/exciting/non-standard tasks for students and implementing exercises in their pedagogical activity.

The author of the webinar – https // gamecode

Oksana Bilan

  • teacher of the Ukrainian language and works of the Lubensk Specialized School of the I-III degrees No. 6, a specialist of the highest qualification category, and a Methodist teacher.
  • The examiner for checking the open part of the tasks of the ZNO from the HRCOYAO.
  • The winner of the All-Ukrainian contest of pedagogical skills from the publishing house “School World” “Panorama of Creative Lessons”.
  • The winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of educational materials “For the lesson” in the nominations “Ukrainian language” and “Ukrainian literature”.
  • Head of the city author’s creative workshop of Ukrainian language and literature teachers.

The practice of implementing the goals of sustainable development in biology and ecology lessons

Webinar participants will be able to find out how to integrate the SDGs into biology and ecology curricula and teach students how to implement the SDGs in everyday life. In addition, the speaker will give practical cases of implementing sustainable development goals in lessons.


The Sustainable Development Goals: A Brief Overview. Relevance in current conditions.

Central and Eastern Europe, ecology, biology: points of intersection.

Practical cases of implementation of CSR in lessons.

Life hacks for a sustainable lifestyle.

Expected results:  The webinar participants will learn about the relationship between the goals of sustainable development and the curricula of biology and ecology, as well as learn about the practical experience of promoting and implementing a sustainable lifestyle in the classroom.

The number of hours of professional development: 2 hours

Areas: Transversal skills, Subject training, NUS

Competencies: professional in the field of natural sciences, engineering and technology, environment, lifelong learning

Implementation of an activity-based approach to learning using interactive notes

Synopsis is an essential element of work in class, especially in the absence of textbooks and manuals. Writing theses, summarizing the material of a paragraph in a short form are skills that can be developed with the help of note-taking. Often, when we hear the term “summary”, we imagine only rewriting the text. But the synopsis can be interesting, colorful, and its management – the development of students’ creativity and imagination. So, we will look at ways to create exciting and meaningful summaries during the webinar.


The purpose of creating notes in lessons.

Active learning and taking notes.

Examples of interactive exercises in notebooks.

Resources to help the teacher.

Expected results:  Webinar participants will learn about the purpose, features and advantages of using interactive notes in lessons; will consider the possibilities of implementing an activity approach in education by creating and maintaining interactive notes; will receive advice on creating a library of resources and exercises for interactive work in the notebook.

The number of hours of professional development: 2 hours

Areas: Project-based learning, Transversal skills, ICT, Practical methods

Competencies: professional, innovative, informational and communicative, emotional and ethical

The use of artificial intelligence in the effort of a teacher  –

https // gamecode

Artificial Intelligence is a technology of the future capable of revolutionizing human consciousness. Proportionately, like the invention of the steam engine or the personal computer at one time. Creating a model of the brain, revealing the secrets of thinking and understanding processes are considered the main tasks of scientists nowadays. And this is not the distant future, but the present. The future has already arrived, it’s just unevenly distributed.

So we will talk about the features and possibilities of using artificial intelligence in the teacher’s work during the webinar.


Examples of programs based on artificial intelligence.

Features of the ChatGPT program.

Examples of the use of artificial intelligence trendy education.

Expected results:  Webinar participants will expand their knowledge about the features of using artificial intelligence in education; will receive information about the capabilities of programs created on the basis of artificial intelligence; will receive advice on creating and using educational content with the help of AI.

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